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Virginia Feeds offers buy-back guarantee to farmers

Virginia Farms, Inc. is offering a buy-back guarantee to every hog farmer who will use their feeds line | Contributed Photo

In these difficult times, a little bit of security for our livelihood could go a long way how much more if you get an assured buyer for your products.

Six months after launching their own feeds brand, Virginia Farms, Inc. is offering a buy-back guarantee to every hog farmer who will use their feeds line for their hogs.

Virginia Farms, Inc. is currently the biggest integrated farm-to-pork swine business in Central Visayas and in February this year, the company through its subsidiary Virginia Farmers Solutions (VFS) started to offer feeds under the brand Virginia Feeds.

HOGS at Virginia Farm | Contributed Photo

“We have been in the swine farming business for over 50 years and through these years, we could say we have formulated the best feeds that will provide optimum nutrition to the hogs at specific stages of its development,” Virginia Farms, Inc. president Rolando E. Tambago said.

With an end goal of helping farmers achieve a sustainable livelihood, the company is now offering to buy back all the hogs harvested by every farmer who uses Virginia Feeds at P118 per kilo (live weight).

“The aim really is to give back and also help other farms achieve success because the industry needs to grow and we cannot do it alone. VFS was created in 2017 for that reason, we want to help out small farmers by providing them technical assistance including management, genetics and nutrition and at the same time assure they have a market for their hogs through the buy-back arrangement,” he said.

Virginia Farms also operates The Pork Shop, a retail chain that sells fresh and chilled pork products making it easier for them to sell the carcasses that they buy from the farmers to the consumers.

Tambago said this is a more holistic approach that the company, having all the means in place, has decided to adopt to really positively impact the whole industry.

Virginia Feeds | Contributed Photo

Product Lines

Virginia Feeds offers nine (9) soy and corn-based feeds variants specially formulated to cater to the specific needs of the hogs at every stage of its development resulting to superior quality pork meat for the consumers, outstanding performance of its breeders thus promoting higher profitability for the farmers.

VF Pre-Wean Booster Feeds is intended for young piglets that serves as a milk replacement after weaning period. It provides vitamins and other essential nutrients for immunity and help develop healthy gut.

VF Hog Pre-Starter Feeds are pellet feeds that promotes and improves feed consumption and is fortified with digestive enzymes, feed acidifiers and “immuno-enhancers” to improve body resistance of young pigs against stress, scouring and any other infections.

VF Hog Starter Feeds is specially formulated to help pigs absorb enough energy and nutrients needed for growth and development prior to the grower and finisher stage.

VF Hog Grower Feeds is a highly digestible feeds designed to help pigs gain bigger muscular meat as it grows.

VF Hog Finisher Feeds help convert nutrition into meat/muscles producing leaner meat and much thinner fats that is preferred by most consumer.

VF Hog Gestating Feeds is specially formulated to give pregnant sows the best nutrition to support its needs and the development of the piglets in its womb.

VF Hog Lactating Feeds formulation provides the best nutrients for the sow to be able to nourish and support the growth of its litter throughout the suckling stage.

VF Hog Gilt Developer Feeds is specially formulated for replacement gilts to help develop their reproductive system ready for breeding and gestating. It will also help develop stronger feet and legs to ensure sow longevity.

VF Boar Ration Feeds is a special feeds formulation for boars. It contains special ingredients that helps increase semen production, vitality, libido and aggressiveness of the boar.

Virginia Feeds Buy Back project | Contributed Photo

Opportunity for Distributors

At present, Virginia Feeds is already available in some parts of Cebu through their distributors and is looking to cover more areas within Cebu as well as other provinces in the country.

“The goal is that no Filipino farmer will be left behind so we would like to soon be available especially in areas where there are many hog farmers,” said Jonathan B. Olanday, business development unit manager of VFS.

Olanday said they are open to have more distributors for Virginia Feeds to handle distribution in other areas in Cebu and other provinces.

“For interested distributors, you may send a message through our official Facebook Page @VirginiaFeeds or send me message at +63 928 524 1511,” said Olanday.

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