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A tale of two teachers handling online and modular distance learning classes in Cebu

Pinky Donaire, who is a distance learning teacher and one of the teachers in this story, pastes pictures of his students on their school chairs so that she will feel that her students are there with her in the classroom.

Pinky Donaire cuts out photos of her pupils’ faces and sticks them on the chairs in her classroom so she will feel that the students are actually present with her physically during the modular distance learning sessions.


CEBU CITY, Philippines— In today’s educational system, huge adjustments are made to make ends meet.

Schools are now offering distant learning or those with modules and online classes.

Modular distance learning is when students prefer using printed modules for class discussions and activities. This best fits those, who do not have easy access to stable internet connection or those who could not afford to buy gadgets for online classes. On the other hand, the online class is done through the use of the internet and digital modules.

It may sound simple given that both students and teachers are now in the comforts of their homes.

But it is not all that easy.

Two teachers from Cebu shared online how the “new normal” in teaching looks like.

One teacher shows distant learning and the other one shows online classes.

Distance learning

Let’s start off with a sweet teacher from Camotes, Island Cebu, who pasted photos of her pupils on their supposed chairs just to make her feel more in touch with her pupils.

Pinky Donaire has been teaching for 24 years and has been used to having noisy and sweet pupils around for her to mother and teach.

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But due to the pandemic, she may have to pass on being their second mother in school physically this year.

“When I was printing pupils’ modules it came into my mind nga how I wish makaila ko sa ilang face (referring to my new set of pupils). I printed it out and pasted (it) on the chair, made me feel excited knowing who are my pupils this year,” she said.

“I really love teaching, and I love my pupils too.  Sa new normal, mingaw ang classroom if walay bata (in the new normal, the classroom is really a quiet and lonely place if there are no children),” she added.

Online classes

Now, from distant learning teacher, let’s head on to a teacher who is showing how it looks like for a PE (Physical Education) dance presentation online.

Mervin Arcillo, from Cebu City, teaches Science and Work Education to grade-schoolers in a private school in Cebu.

But in his Tiktok entry, he embodied a PE teacher checking the presentation of his students online which cracked netizens up.


P.E online class presentation

WATCH: A grade school teacher in Cebu takes a break from his hectic schedule and decided to upload a Tiktok video of him virtually supervising a dance practice by two of his students.Mervin Arcillo said that posting the video was his way of showing the realities of online classes while at the same time sharing good vibes. Don't forget to remember the dance steps class, or else.. from the top! | Video courtesy of Mervin Arcillo via Immae Lachica #CDNDigital

CDN Digital 發佈於 2020年9月18日 星期五

“The video is a sort of entertainment at the same time realizing the normal PE class set up in a virtual learning space,” he said.

He said that aside from constant internet interruption, one other problem for teachers was the focus of the students.

“It is different when it is just you and the pupils because you have the control, unlike in this setup some are focused because their parents are near them and others just zone out. But, we are adjusting slowly and getting the hang of it,” said Arcillo.

So, how is this new educational set-up for you? /dbs

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