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By: - September 25, 2020

Thanks to the internet, finding a job is much simpler these days compared to how things were just a decade ago. has just taken the next step to make it easier by unveiling a way to search for jobs in your very own barangay.

This new localization function is a welcome development in a time when more people are trying to limit their commute times amidst the increasingly stressful traffic situation and public transportation shortages in most major Philippine cities.

Hundreds of job seekers line up to avail the job fair in a major shopping mall in Cebu in connection with the Labor Day celebration.(CDN PHOTO/JUNJIE MENDOZA)

While most recruitment sites have been an immense boon to job seekers, wading through outdated and irrelevant listings for openings that might be in a completely different part of the country is often an unavoidable part of the experience. Mynimo was created precisely to address this concern and deliver a better service for job applicants and employers alike, wherever they might be in the Philippines.

Transportation situation on major cities. (CDN PHOTO/TONEE DESPOJO)

The idea of creating a user-friendly job website that served local job markets may be obvious now, but back then, the implementation of search localization was still in its infancy. Slowly but steadily, Mynimo created a strong following in its local community when it started, and later, grew to cover other underserved job markets in the Philippines.

Mynimo’s strategy of thinking big and thinking local has made it the go-to job site for people who value working close to home, often neglected by other job sites. With its new highly-localized search functionality, it hopes to reach all Filipino job applicants who want to build their careers in whichever part of the country they choose, right down to the barangay level.

Traffic situation in major cities | Contributed Photo

With its improved localization, is set to change age-old perceptions about how and where Filipinos should build their careers. As the team at Mynimo knows, your dream job might be right in your very own backyard.

Job applicants can now experience this convenient feature by visiting​.

About Mynimo is a homegrown job portal built by Filipinos that has been helping Filipinos find their reliable careers since 2007. Their philosophy is simple; to connect people and companies that value happiness.

As Mynimo continues to realize the goal of delivering useful services to their valued users from all over the Philippines, the homegrown job website has also been recognized as the Best Job Website by Digital Filipino Web Arts and was included in the list of Top Tech Start Startup by Forbes Philippines. Mynimo has also been recognized for its achievements by Go Negosyo.

Since its launch, has become the Philippines’ most popular and highest ranking homegrown job website.



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