Janine Berdin on new look: ‘Let’s not be afraid of change’

Photos of Janine Berdin taken in March (left) and in October this year (Image: Instagram/@janineberdin)

Janine Berdin turned heads online when she released photos of her sporting a new look.

The 18-year-old singer received compliments for her purple-and-gray hair, while others noticed a change in her face based on photos posted on Instagram Monday, Oct. 5.



While some speculated that Berdin had a nose job, she took the comments in stride. “I’m very flattered kasi ang gaganda ng compliments (the compliments are so nice). Thank you guys I really appreciate it,” she told TV writer Darla Sauler as seen in a YouTube video on Monday.

When asked why it seemed like her beauty was “blooming,” the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” season 2 champion explained, “Siguro naging blooming po ako kasi hindi po ako natakot of change (Maybe I’m blooming because I was not afraid of change).”

“I think that’s what everyone should keep in mind na we shouldn’t be afraid of change na puwede tayong mag-change (that we can change). Na (That) if there’s something you don’t like about yourself and that you are not happy about it then you can do something.”

“Do something to make yourself happy,” she advised. “You only live once, hindi ba (isn’t it)? Just do things that will make you happy.”

She said she noticed a difference in the way she looked at herself, noting that she looked self-conscious in past videos. “Now when I look at my photos now, when I look at all the videos I take, parang ang saya ko (I look so happy).”

“Let’s not be afraid of change and let’s not condemn change,” she added. “Kung may gustong mag-change, ipa-change mo sila. Bahala sila basta masaya sila (If someone wants to change, let them change. As long as they’re happy).”

Berdin also said that she has been busy during the quarantine with schoolwork as she takes up communication arts and, at the same time, dabbles in singing and songwriting. Niña V. Guno /ra

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