Top 10 things to buy at Metro’s Happyversary Sale

Discounts, freebies and more

By: - October 16, 2020

Great discounts, freebies, and deals await you at the Metro Stores’ Happyversary Sale!

In celebration of the Metro’s 38th anniversary, revel in great selection of items, from clothes, appliances, furniture, to groceries, and enjoy huge discounts in-store and online from October 12-18, 2020.

While you’re getting ready to hit the Metro stores or to hit the Web to check on their selection of discounted items to shop, here’s a glimpse of some of the best buys at the Metro Stores.

1.) TV

Majority of the people’s TV-viewing habits have changed substantially as people are encouraged to stay indoors. TVs serve as a great source of entertainment and information over the course of the global health crisis. So if you are planning to buy or upgrade your old TV sets, Metro Department Store offers a buy 1 free 1 promo on their Xenon 32” Smart Digital LED TV. A bonus in this deal is that it also comes with a free soundbar.

2.) Non-stick pans

During the duration of the quarantine, people have tried preparing home-cooked meals instead of dining out. But cooking delicious meals not only requires proper ingredients but also the proper tools. A non-stick pan, for example, can allow you to cook various recipes quickly and easily. Good thing the Metro offers great deals in different brands of non-stick pans that will make your quarantine cooking hassle-free.

3.) Bikes

With the fear of commuting on public transportation and sometimes the lack of vehicles due to community quarantine restrictions, people have started to test alternative means of transportation such as using bicycles instead. If you want to start cycling like many have done already, get your bikes now and check Metro’s selection of bicycle deals and enjoy up to 40 percent discount.

Great discounts await you at the Metro! Get them now!

4.) Luggage

Your travel plans might have been placed on a halt and you might not be traveling just yet, but a good sale on luggage is hard to pass up on. At Metro’s Happyversary Sale, you can save up to 25 percent off the retail price and have a luggage that will surely come in handy in one of your future trips.

5.) Clothes

Spending time indoors caused many to permanently change the way they dress. Some have started to relish in loungewear while others have started to look for new clothes in the hopes of wearing them by the time that the quarantine is over. Try to check on Metro’s impressive selection of men’s, ladies’, and children’s wear. They have a great discount of up to 50 percent in selected apparel.

6.) Yoga Mat

As some people are still hesitant of working out in gyms and studios, many have turned to online shops in purchasing home workout essentials, like a yoga mat. For people who love to exercise and for those who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle, a good reliable yoga mat is what you need. Enjoy Metro’s 20 percent discount on yoga mats and start exercising to achieve your ideal yoga pose.

7.) Guitar

Tired of watching TV, reading books, or playing video games as a way to pass time during quarantine? Why not try to learn how to play a musical instrument like the guitar? For budding guitarists, save 30 percent when you purchase an acoustic guitar with a case at the Metro Department Store. Guitars are best suited for beginners, as they are traditional and self-sufficient.

8.) Make up

Many have embraced their natural beauty by being barefaced during the quarantine period. But for some, makeup is a need in time of video conferences and presentations. To look your best in online webinars or in short ventures outdoors, avail of Metro’s sale on cosmetics and save up to 30 percent on select makeup brands.

9.) School Supplies

Online classes recently started and though attending school is different for this year, some things haven’t changed. May it be through online distance learning or modular distance learning, students are still in need of basic school supplies like notebooks, papers, and pens. Purchase your back-to-school essentials in Metro and get great discounts and deals on their selection of school supplies.

10.) Liquid Hand Soap

It is now common knowledge that frequent handwashing with soap and water can greatly reduce one’s risk of acquiring the virus. Avail Metro’s buy 1 take 1 promo on select brands of hand soap and stay healthy by washing your hands often.

The Metro Stores’ Happyversary Sale is available for online and in-store customers. Also check Metro Supermarket’s amazing deals on grocery items and great selection of fresh seafood, meat, and produce.

Great discounts await you at the Metro! Get them now!

For more information and updates, visit their official facebook page, The Metro Stores.


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