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Christmas gift ideas under the new normal

By: - December 01, 2020

Christmas pre-pandemic days would mean nights of parties and social gatherings. A time to reconnect with old friends, and new ones, and to make new holiday memories with the family.

Now, even if Christmas parties aren’t highly recommended given the health risk, one can still share the joy of the season through some thoughtful gifts to help your loved ones brace the new normal way of living.

Here are some gift ideas that you might want to consider giving under the new normal this Christmas.


FACE SHIELD by Senses PH priced at P1,500

Adding an extra layer of protection wouldn’t hurt. Along with face masks, face shields would add that well-needed protection for your loved ones. A face masks would prevent the virus from being transmitted through cough and sneeze droplets, but that may not be enough to protect your eyes. Remember, COVID-19 may enter our system through the eyes and nose as well. Add extra protection for your love ones this holiday season by giving them a face shield.


Everest Air Purifier from Echo Appliance Center. Priced at P9,000

One of the best healthy “new normal” gift ideas is a home air purifier that will give your loved one the gift of clean air each and every day. Air purifiers can remove dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores and other contaminants from the air, helping your friend or family member live a healthier life.


Casino Ethyl Alcohol by the International Pharmaceuticals Inc. priced at P50-300

Giving your loved ones a sanitary kit complete with Casino Ethyl Alcohol from International Pharmaceuticals Inc. may mean more than anything in this time of COVID. It goes to show that you care for their wellbeing and to remind them to always sanitize as a way to prevent the spread and contraction of the virus.


Airsm Face Mask from Uniqlo priced at P600

Face masks are synonymous with the new normal. With the government mandating the use of face masks in public spaces, it is impossible for one to move around without a face mask in hand. Give your love ones the peace of mind to move around the city with a face mask to cover or shield them from the virus.


No-Touch Tools by Nelwood priced at P200

Now that every surface is a potential vector of disease, a handheld tool to minimize surface contact might be the best thing you’ll ever get this Christmas. This no-touch tool is the best solution to avoid buttons and surfaces when you and your loved ones go out in public.


Ear savers by priced at P100-200

A mask is fine for an hour. But when you have to wear it all day, it can chafe behind the ears. Say goodbye to ear chafing with these EARSAVERS from, a local brand that produces quality ear savers perfect for your loved ones.
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