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Let’s talk about exes..



CEBU CITY, Philippines— #WaybackWednesday!

Ready to know what topic is up for our memory lane tour today?


Yes, you read that right!

And, no, we are not taking them back. We’re just going to try to remember what kind of ex or exes you had.

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The clingy one

Is your ex the type of person who feels like they need to glue themselves to you? How did that go? To others, clingy is okay but with limitations.

The dramatic

A little raise of the voice and there he or she is, crying a river. This ex sees a lot of things that can make him or her cry.

The good boy and girl

The ex who will follow whatever you say and ride with your waves. The ones who will never bring drama or issues into the relationship.

The cheater

Yes, you read that right. Some of us encountered exes that are well, a pain in the… head. These are the exes who can’t end something right, ouch!

The giver

Not just in terms of gifts but also in every effort there is! This one’s a total keeper, but why did this person turn out to be your ex?

The funny one

This ex brings so much laughter in your relationship. But that’s the catch, sometimes they are only good with happy thoughts. When it comes to pressing issues, these are the ones who find it difficult to stay serious.

The uptight

Opposite to the one above, this ex sees everything in a serious light. There’s little to no space for fun for this one as he or she is always on the lookout for something serious.

The adventurous

This is the ex who can’t stay put for the weekend and always likes to do a lot of activities and try new things.

So, which one is your ex?

By the way, this article is not a sign for you to text or message your ex back.


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