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This key ingredient can help you elevate your holiday menu and bring back the holiday vibes we all miss

With a few days to go before Christmas, it’s safe to say that it’s the holiday spending season again — from gifts, decor, and most especially, food! Normally, it would be easy to plan the Noche Buena ever but limitations brought upon by our current situation makes it difficult for everyone to plan for a grand celebration.

But who said you need to compromise this season, right? With the right tools and the right ingredients, you can still prepare a simple but memorable celebration with your family. Here are five ways on how NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream can help you elevate your Noche Buena menu and bring back the holiday vibes we all miss:

1. Makes your dish rich, thick, and creamy

It’s a well-known fact that creams can really thicken any sauce you’re making or any frosting that you’re planning to add on your dessert. But with NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream, it will not only make your food creamy and rich but will also put a smile in everyone’s faces after eating!

Creamy Chicken Adobo

If you’re going all Filipino for your Noche Buena, level up your Pork/Chicken Adobo by adding in some NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream to get richer, thicker, and creamier sauce that is perfect with your perfectly boiled pork or chicken.

2. Fosters creativity in your recipes

Because NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream is versatile, it gives everyone unlimited opportunities to try something new with their menu. Whether it be for the appetizer, main course or dessert, this cream will definitely have a seat at your Christmas dinner.

Creamy Beef Rendang

If you want to try something new, try adding cream to your Mindanaoan classics Beef Rendang, Sambal, or Pastel. Adding a new ingredient to your food or introducing something new to your family will absolutely bring a little zing to your Noche Buena.

3. Gives your ingredients a little boost

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream can sometimes be the key in making your desserts topnotch because of how cream can complement various ingredients. If you’re looking to try new things, try creating your own mint chocolate ice cream. You’re sure to have a blast and be surprised since mint and cream go well together!

4. Reminds you of the past holidays

Fruit salads, Mango Graham cakes or your Pinoy Spaghetti have always been a staple in every Pinoy Christmas celebration. What’s the common denominator between these three? It’s NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream.

Classic Fruit Salad

It has been said that the best way to relive the old days is by experiencing it all over again. If you’re worried that Christmas will never feel as special because you’re alone or because it’s not grand as it used to be, you can still relive the old days by preparing your lola’s signature fruit salad or your mom’s meaty spaghetti with NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream.

5. Creates bonding and learning moments with the family

Christmas season has always been about spending time with family, no matter how big or small the festivities are. Take this time to create new Christmas memories with your kids and bond with them by asking them to prepare some of the menu, like asking them to pour the NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream in the pot before you cook the spaghetti sauce, or ask them to whisk a bowl of cream and sugar for your Christmas cake.

Belgian Chocolate Cake

Food can really bring a family together especially during this tough time, and NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream can add a creamy twist to your Noche Buena that can help you make your special occasions delightful and bring back the memories of Christmas past, while unconsciously creating new ones.

That’s why when shopping for your Noche Buena menu, make sure to buy NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream, the number one trusted Cream brand in the Philippines.

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