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What 2020 has taught us



CEBU CITY, Philippines— As we count the days before we bid farewell to 2020, let us thank this year for awakening us to the lessons it has taught us along the way.

This year may have brought so many changes, pain, and anxiety, but this year made us realize how life and what life is really about.

Thank you 2020 for teaching us that…

Self-care is a priority— we may have gotten used to putting others first from the past years, this year, we have learned that it is okay to put ourselves first. That taking care of ourselves is the best thing one can do to be better.

Freedom should not be taken for granted — when we had the chance to go out and live life, we chose to stay in our comfort zone, but when the world was put on a lockdown, it was then that we realized how freedom gives us life. When you get the chance, don’t “fright” and take flight!

Time is of the essence — when we were stuck at home we wanted time to slow down because we haven’t been out doing what we used to do. Now that you know time is not slowing down, do what you want to do, live freely and accept time as it is.

Everything is temporary — you can either cry over spilled milk or learn to rise above it. It’s your choice, but remember, there is only one constant thing in life — change.

Difficult times show real people — this is simple. And for sure, you have people popping out in your mind right now that have helped you get through during these trying times.

2020 taught us a lot more than what was written above, for you, what has 2020 taught you? /dbs

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