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The things we are still learning


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Learning has no age limit.

Either we learn a different language, learn a different course, or learning how to better ourselves, learning knows no age.

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As 2020’s end draws near, let us be gentle with ourselves and remind ourselves that we too are learning things that can help us be in a better place.

Here are the things we are all still learning for ourselves:

Accepting others’ opinions of us — what they think of us is not really our concern. Especially when these are just opinions, people are entitled to have their own opinion. Pleasing everyone is not part of living.

Struggling is not equal to failing — struggles will always be there, and it is not a sign of failure, but a sign of progress and learning.

To respond and not react — to always find time to calm your emotions and respond with sense and dignity, stop reacting and letting your emotions get in your way.

Resting is essential — may it be a quick nap in between busy schedules or rest from people close to us, you deserve to rest. Give time to rest, give time for yourself.

Your timing will come — others maybe ahead of you or some of them may still be behind you, but remember, we will all have our time to shine, patience, perseverance, and humility will take us to the place we have dreamed about and the place we deserve.

Working on yourself is never a bad thing, it is the best gift you can give yourself.

Continue to learn these things and be the better version of you in the coming years. /dbs

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