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RAFI partners with Japanese Tech Company

By: - December 29, 2020

Stakeholders and partnership management is the lifeblood of ensuring smooth project and program execution.

Building the foundations of strong relationships with partners and other stakeholders involved in programs and projects is critical. Understanding and gathering the appropriate information of all stakeholders involved and regular communication with all parties helps program managers in the implementation of their programs.

“Sharing information with stakeholders is important, but it is equally important to first gather information about your stakeholders,” reports the Association for Project Management.

Prior to actively engaging with partners and stakeholders, it is crucial to have all necessary information on prospective and current partners. This eases the process of communication by understanding what is important to program partners.

We are positive that together with RAFI, we can achieve elevated levels of socio-economic well-being amongst Cebu’s communities, and make a valuable difference in the lives of its people.



CEO of Kenja

Regular consultation and check-in with stakeholders during program implementation is important to ensure that all milestones, risks, and terms of agreements are consistently covered.

Having the appropriate tools and processes in place to effectively manage and engage stakeholders and partners is equally as important. With reduced mobility and face-to-face meetings due to the global pandemic, online check-ins and communication tools are key in the new normal.

To ensure the smooth and efficient coordination with stakeholders, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. has partnered with Kenja K.K, a Japanese software company focused on revolutionizing workplace collaboration.

Kenja provides productivity solutions through its highly customizable Kenja Rooms functionality which allows task progress management, and file sharing and collaboration. Users can create rooms and sub-rooms as required, allowing for easy storage and sharing of files.

To easily coordinate and provide updates to partners and stakeholders, Kenja Rooms’ “Website Publishing Tool” provides an easy one-click publishing feature which allows organizations to safely share information and updates to external organizations. The system is easy to modify and allows users to update content with just a few clicks.

“We appreciate this amazing opportunity to partner with RAFI, and feel that both organizations share similar visions and values. Kenja’s platform ensures efficient collaboration between employees via its Kenja Rooms tool, allowing for easy and organized communication. We believe in working smartly, prioritizing innovation and efficiency over anything,” shared Ted Katagi, CEO of Kenja.

“We are positive that together with RAFI, we can achieve elevated levels of socio-economic well-being amongst Cebu’s communities, and make a valuable difference in the lives of its people,” he added.

“The system will be very helpful to RAFI and its program teams as it closely manages partners and stakeholders across the country. Through Kenja Rooms, RAFI is able to provide regular updates by safely sharing information through the creation of micro-sites dedicated to specific stakeholders,” said Estee Marie P. Plunket, Assistant Vice President for the Brand Development Group of RAFI.

RAFI has launched a Stakeholder Portal under its refreshed company website. The RAFI Stakeholder Program provides monthly program updates to partners and other external stakeholders, as well as news, photos, and other information.

RAFI is a non-stock, non-profit organization in Cebu dedicated to elevating the Dignity of Man through solutions that enable people to achieve higher levels of well-being. RAFI’s main program domains include Economic, focused on improving the economic well-being of communities; Social, creating opportunities for growth and improving a sense of identity and purpose; and Physical, building healthy, resilient and livable communities.

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