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Forgive yourself and move on

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Let’s hit the restart button for ourselves this 2021.

Most of us are still carrying the burden from last year with our missed chances and opportunities.

This year, allow yourself to start over and forgive yourself for the things that you’ve done.

Forgive yourself for…

Being the toxic one

Sometimes it is out of our control that we end up being the toxic one in the group. Forgive yourself for being so. Move on and learn from it and try to be mindful of your actions too.

Being too much for others

We care too much that sometimes, it has become a bad thing. Lessen your time and effort for others, ride their waves but wait for them to actually ask something from you.

Being too hard on yourself

Allow yourself to grow and be in a bad situation at times. It is during this time that you get to learn the things.

Forgetting your worth

In this pretentious world, never let your insecurities get into you.

The things you’ve said

What’s done is done. If you have said things out of anger, accept it, and learn from it. This time, allow yourself to respond than to react.

This year, restart and be the best person for yourself by taking note of these.


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