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Make your Valentine’s Day 2021 one for the books with these finds #CDNDValentines2021

CEBU CITY, Philippines— If February was a color what would it be?

Red, right?

This simply means that this month is the month of love and hearts for it bears the day where people can get to spread the love a little extra on Valentine’s Day.

This year might be a little different from the previous years because we might have to make do of sending our gifts to our special someone than to go out with them due to the pandemic.

Worry not because there are a lot of things to choose from for you to give as a gift to your friends, family, and loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Here are some good things for you to give on this heart’s day:

Scented candles— little did you know what a good aroma can bring to someone’s day. Giving scented candles on this special day may bring good vibes.

“Scented Story” is a Cebu-based online seller for scented candles that has everyone hooked.

Their Valentine set is inspired by love and admiration.

You have three scents to choose from — Miss Independent, Good morning and Do Not Disturb.

Scented Story scented candles.

Chocolates— but not just your ordinary chocolates. This one is called “Smashable Heart” by Baked by Kimmy.

This is heart-shaped chocolate that needs breaking to see the surprise inside.

“As you break the heart, IT REQUIRES EFFORT. And when it is already broken, or in the process of breaking it, you get to uncover the person who he/she truly is,” said Kimberly Banzon owner of “Baked by Kimmy.”

So, are you ready to break some hearts?

“Smashable Heart” by Baked by Kimmy.

Liquor and bouquet— or as what they call it “Boozequet.”

“Wooozy,” an online liquor store is getting the hang of mixing for the Valentines!

Together with their amazing mix of booze, they have now incorporated a bouquet of flowers inside the box of booze.

This is together with a local flower shop called “Flowers by Mama Z.”

“Wooozy isn’t just about the drinks we serve for you, but it’s the experience we offer as you take a sip of our cocktails, especially now that there’s still a pandemic going on. It’s always safe to make your date nights at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and make it extra special,” said Wooozy.

Wooozy’s “Boozequet.”


Or you can always opt to go traditional, with a stuffed toy, favorite food or you can also always choose to give gifts in the new normal.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Siloys!


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