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A Spanish Celebracion with Crimson Mactan’s ‘Enye at Home’

By: , - April 29, 2021

The multi award-winning restaurant of Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan Cebu, Enye by Chele Gonzalez, elevates the Cebuano dining scene yet again as it offers “Enye at Home.”

Bring authentic Spanish fair to your dining tables through Enye’s Celebracion special set meals, which you can now enjoy at home, minus the traffic and making quarantine celebrations special yet safe and hassle-free.

A vision realized, Crimson’s Enye brought Chef Chele’s traditional Spanish cooking, heirloom recipes, and favorite classic comfort food to Cebu and has been a popular dining spot among local culinary adventurers who love great food and exceptional service. With “Enye at Home,” get to experience the same 5-star treat and taste authentic Spanish dishes right at the comforts of your home.

Apart from a complete roster of ala carte options which you can order to take away, “Enye at Home” features Celebracion set menus that are perfect for different occasions and special celebrations.

A Tapas Feast with the best of friends

In a time where intimate social gatherings are limited, catching up and bonding with close-knit friends has become more precious. To make these get-togethers extra memorable, you might want to schedule a sunset cruise at the Mactan Channel with your friends.

Enye’s Tapas Feast set menu would be perfect with sangria or a good wine to tow, as you reminisce the good times with friends. The Tapas feast set features finger foods such as Enye’s bestseller, the Cebu Lechon Taco [Mango Salsa, Jalapeño and frijoles mousse, sour cream], Rabas de Calamar [Deep fried fresh squid, aliolo], Pulpo a la Gallega [Octupus, confit potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, paprika], Gambas al Ajilo [Sauteed shrimps, olive oil, garlic, chili], and the creamy Croquetas de Jamon y Pollo [Bechamel croquettes, jamon, chicken]

The Tapas feast set featuring finger foods good for three to four people will make your best friends bonding more memorable.

As you take in the scenic view of the Mactan sunset and share a good meal and conversations with your friends, you will surely feel renewed and look forward to the better days ahead.

The Tapas Feast set also includes:

– Mejillones Marinera [Mussles cooked in fisherman sauce, garlic, chili, white wine, coriander]

Paella Valenciana [Traditional Spanish rice, chicken, rosemary, green and white beans]

Crema Catalana [Creme Brulee]

Pastel Limon [Lemon mousse, gel, meringue, biscuits calamansi]

A Celebracion of Love with a soul mate

The pandemic has taught us how short and unpredictable life is. For the gentlemen who may perhaps have been holding off on making that proposal, now might be the best time to muster the courage and commit to that lifelong journey with your lady love. It’s now or never, so they say. Arrange a group date with your best bud so that she won’t be suspicious and the surprise won’t be spoiled.

The Celebracion menu is a full set good for 5 to 6 persons. Start with the appetizing Ensalada de Salmon y Queso de Cabra [Grilled goat cheese, smoked salmon, truffle vinaigrette, greens, walnuts, quince paste], impress with a perfect slice of a juicy Roasted Chicken Truffle Relleno to pair with marble potatoes, green beans, plum jam chutney, and homemade gravy, hopefully by the time you get to dessert, Paste Limon [Lemonmousse, gel, meringue, biscuits, calamansi], your nerves will be calm enough to pop the question.

The Celebracion menu is not just a hearty set meal good for five to six persons but also a special dinner set for you and your special someone.

They say that a hearty meal is the quickest way to anyone’s heart perhaps because each meal shared allows us to open up our dreams and fears to the one we love, and this strengthens any relationship.

The Celebracion menu also includes:

Conquetas Negras de Txipiron [Bechame croquettes, quid ink, squid]

Quisquillas Crujientes [Crispy deep fried baby shrimps, aliolo, spiced vinegar]

Salmon Pintxo [Smoked salmon, crab tartare, toast bread]

To order an “Enye at Home” Celebracion set,

call 401-999 or send an email to [email protected]com

available from Friday- Sunday. Two days prior reservations are required.

A Meat Lover’s set for a night with the team

The pandemic has disrupted the way we work and forced most of us to cope with challenges in working with teams remotely. Many may find advantages in working from home, but a year away from the office has already made us miss our colleagues. Host a dinner for your team, catch up, and celebrate wins and accomplishments in the past year.

Enye’s Meat Lover’s set menu would be enough for a team of 6 and is so filling you won’t have to be concerned about anyone going home unsatiated. The set features a 700g Grilled US Angus Beef, cooked to your liking, paired with marble potatoes, vegetables, green beans, mushrooms, homemade gravy, or plum jam chutney. It also includes traditional Spanish pork dishes such as Jamon Serrano [Dry cured Spanish pig’s leg], Crispy Pork Bell Salsa Mostaza [Cabbage Puree, sauteed mushrooms, potatoes, mustard sauce].

The Meat Lover’s set menu will make your team’s virtual gatherings more special which is good for four to six people.

Telecommuting is a new concept and not all industries were prepared in transition to this new work set up. We don’t have the timeline yet on whether or not we can go back to working in the office, but we can surely share a filling meal with our team, anytime.

Meat Lover’s Special also includes:

Croquetas de Jamon y Pollo [Bechamel croquettes, jamon, chicken]

Ensalada de Tomate [Cherry Tomatoes, basil oil, parmesan, mousse sablee]

Paella de Costillas [Traditional spanish rice, marinated pork ribs, porcini mushrooms]

Torrija [Caramelized milk brioche, caramel custard]

Roasted Lamb Set for a weekend with the family 

In the pre-pandemic world, Filipinos love family gatherings and every celebration is always all-out. No matter what the occasion, we all love to round up our family members under one roof. With an ongoing pandemic, a special weekend meal with the family is a welcome break from the anxiety and monotony of being cooped up at home.

Enye’s Roasted Lamb Set would make that weekend gathering extra special. It’s highlight, the Cordero Asado de Manera Tradicional (Slow braised lamb) complemented with rustic potatoes, green salad, lamb jus. Have the family dig in on Enye’s best seller, its traditional Spanish paella – Paella Negra [Traditional Spanish Rice, squid ink, grilled octopus, scallops] and some Mejillones Marinera [Mussles cooked in fisherman sauce, garlic, chili, white wine, coriander] or Pulpo a la Gallega [Octopus, confit potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, paprika]

The Roasted Lamb Set will make any weekend complete with servings good for four to six persons.

Nowadays, we spend more time at home with our families more than ever. But more than the need to comply with health protocols, being with family in these times of uncertainty provides much-needed comfort as we rely on each other’s strengths to see us through these difficult times.

You can also pair your lamb with these dishes from its menu:

Croquetas de Setas y Trufa [Bechamel croquettes, mixed mushrooms, truffle]

Rabas de Calamar [Deep fried fresh squid, alioli]

Torrija [Caramelized milk brioche, Caramel custard]

Crema Catalana [Creme Brulee]

While most people might not be in the celebratory mood considering the times, the “Enye at Home” Celebracion menu would surely encourage you to create and make your milestones despite these bleak times.

To order an “Enye at Home” Celebracion set, call 401-999 or send an email to [email protected]com available from Friday- Sunday. Two days prior reservations are required.

To view the full selection visit this link:


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