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Delectable bread and cakes at Quest Hotel’s Bread Library

Perhaps unknown to many, Pusô Bistro & Bar, the all-day dining restaurant of Quest Hotel & Conference Cebu known for regularly featuring Cebuano favorite dishes such as Lechon, Crispy Pata, and Adobo sa Puti in its spread, has an in-house pastry and bakery that not only produces sinfully satisfying desserts but basic staples such as freshly-baked bread – all featured in the Bread Library.

While many establishments have momentarily ceased their operations due to the pandemic, Pusô’s Bread Library led by Pastry Sous Chef, Zeus Uy, continues to delight its patrons with baked goods with their take-away and delivery options. To have a taste of fresh baked goods from the Bread Library at the comfort of your home, you can now order and view their menu online:

From gourmet baked treats to delicious desserts prepared, here are some of the delectable bread and cakes available at Bread Library that is suited for your every mood, personality, and occasion.

Unpretentious but very satisfying 

The Soft Rolls and French Bread at Pusô is for everyone. With its soft and hearty flavor, these bread are so good fresh out of the oven that you just can’t resist having an extra bite. You can pair it with your choice of spread and beverage, perfect to share with friends and family.

Quest Hotel’s Bread Library also serves a quality baguette that you can use to make sandwiches.

Healthy alternatives

For the health-conscious, the Bread Library’s best-selling Gluten-free bread is definitely a must-try. Aside from being a healthier option to the high-carb and high-sugar conventional bread, the Gluten-free bread can also help promote weight loss. You can also choose the Rye Bread on their menu because it’s high in fiber and good for your digestion.

Ready to Go

The soft, buttery, and sweet taste of the Ube Ensaymada and Choco Bread from Pusô’s Bread Library is the best choice for the afternoon merienda of the family. Available daily for take-out and delivery, you can have a taste of heavenly bites of goodness whenever, wherever.

Traditional and Authentic

If you are very particular in being satisfied with your desserts, the Burnt Basque Cheesecake from the Bread Library is the right choice for you.

The Burnt Basque Cheesecake from the Bread Library guarantees a creamy interior with an authentic taste.

Following an authentic recipe, the Burnt Basque Cheesecake is meticulously prepared and baked to perfection. With every bite, you will enjoy the play of flavor and texture with its very creamy interior and smoky notes that will leave you wanting for more.

Orders are now available through take-out and delivery daily so you can unbox your delectable treats at home or office workspace

For the Sweet Tooth

The high-quality, premium signature Cake of the Month from Pusô’s Bread Library is simply irresistible to those with a sweet tooth. It guarantees a taste of special indulgence and will satisfy your sugar cravings with its surprising new flavors that vary from month to month.

Hip & Trendy

Pusô Bistro and Bar has been keeping their Bread Library vibrant by referring to the latest and popular trends on the internet.

Loaded with purple yam flavor, the Bread Library’s Ube Pandesal is soft,  fluffy, and delicious to the taste.

That’s why when the craze for the Ube Pandesal blazed social media, Quest Hotel and Conference Cebu was the first hotel to add the food trend to their menu. Their Ube Pandesal is not just an IG-worthy snack, it’s also deliciously sweet, soft, and pillowy.

Energy Boosters

As you work from home and try to beat deadlines, Pusô’s tender and delicious Raisin Bread and the sweet and creamy Graciosa are perfect to pair with your hot coffee. Together with your caffeinated drink, these bread will give you that much-needed energy boost to keep you going throughout the day.

One of the delectable desserts at the Bread Library is the Walnut Cake. You will love its moist texture with a taste of walnut in every bite.

Whatever type of customer you are, you can enjoy freshly baked bread and decadent cakes at Pusô Bistro and Bar’s Bread Library anytime, anywhere. With the current situation, Pusô offers the convenience of delivering baked goodness right to you.

Orders are now available through take-out and delivery daily so you can unbox your delectable treats at home or office workspace. Visit to view the bread and cakes menu. To place an order, please call 402-5999.  /rcg

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