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A well-balanced diet and vitamins from Watsons are key to a stronger immune system

By: - May 05, 2021

Those who eat a well-balanced diet are usually healthier with stronger immune systems and are at lower risk of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases. The global health crisis has changed the way we take care of ourselves. Even when most of us have been confined to our homes for the past year, we’ve tried to live healthier lifestyles that include a good diet, adequate sleep and physical activity. But no matter how healthy we eat, some nutrients are difficult to get from food alone. Supplementing your diet with vitamins and supplements is a sure way to stay healthy and protected.

Watsons continues to encourage Filipinos to take better care of their health by making vitamins and supplements easily accessible not only in their 800+ stores nationwide but also in all their online channels.

Shop now at any of Watsons 800+ stores nationwide (, online via ( or mobile app ( or via call & delivery service (

Watsons has a wide range of well-priced wellness products that are accessible online and offline. These include vitamins and supplements, health and fitness equipment, healthy food and drinks, first aid essentials, oral care essentials, and personal care and skin care products. Whether it’s in-store, through the website, or through the app, discover a World of Wellness for you and your family with Watsons where you can look good feel great always.

Here are some tips and recommendations on what vitamins to take in these times:

A to Zinc

Any vitamin with zinc is always a good choice. Go for Conzace, which is rich in zinc and Vitamins A, C, and E; Berocca, which has B vitamins, vitamin C, and essential minerals, like calcium, magnesium, and zinc; and Watsons D3 Effervescent Tablet, which supports bone and joint health.

Keep your distance

When you’re out of the house, maintain social distancing and try to stay six feet away from other people. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% alcohol like Cleene 70% Solution Alcohol. Make sure you get extra protection with Watsons Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Glutathione Effervescent Tablet and Fern C.

Eat well

Maintaining a balanced diet will help improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Make sure that you’re getting enough fruits and vegetables. Two capsules of Essentiale taken three times daily in combination with healthy lifestyle choices will give your liver the support it needs.

Be active

Exercising five times a week is important in being and staying healthy. It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. It could be dancing in the living room or doing some stretching. Supplement this physical activity with Propan Fit, which helps your body fight mental and physical fatigue and improves immunity.

Discover a World of Wellness for you and your family with Watsons where you can look good feel great always | Contributed Photo

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