Castlevania voice actor Alejandra Reynoso finds Filipino artist’s creation ‘absolutely perfect’

Alejandra Reynoso and her “Castlevania” character Sypha Belnades. Images: Instagram/@alereyn0s0


Voice actor Alejandra Reynoso, who plays Sypha Belnades in the Netflix animated TV series “Castlevania,” lauded a Filipino digital artist for one of his works and even gave him a “gift” to thank him for supporting the anime.

“Drew Sypha and Trevor. Our heroes can finally get their deserved rest,” the artist Spykeee (@SPYKEEE1945) said on his Twitter account on Saturday, May 15. He also showed a photo of his fan art, featuring the anime’s protagonists Sypha Belnades and Trevor Belmont snuggling in bed, to mark the show’s season four finale last Thursday, May 13.

“The finale was beautiful. I have no words,” Spykeee added. He also thanked the show’s director, Samuel Deats, for “[making] many people smile, laugh, cry and continue on living.”


The fan art was seen by Reynoso, who commented by praising Spykee’s work.

“This is absolutely perfect,” she said. The response appeared to have taken the artist by surprise as he replied with a blushing face emoji, along with a thank you message for Reynoso.

“Thank you, Sypha. Thank you for all [the] hard work!” he said.


Spykee and Reynoso also appeared to have exchanged treats for each other, with Spykee offering to send a high-resolution version of the fan art and Reynoso also intending to send a “gift” for him.


Spykee creates various anime and video game-inspired works, some of which he shows to fellow fans on social media.

Meanwhile, Reynoso has lent her voice to animated characters such as Flora of “Winx Club” and Elena Schnurr of “G.I. Joe Renegades.” She also provided additional voices for the video games Just Cause 4 and Red Dead Redemption II.

Castlevania’s fourth season is reportedly the last one following the same set of characters from the original video game, Deadline stated last month. Its universe may still be explored in further seasons, but with a new set of characters, streaming service Netflix revealed. JB

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