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Here are some of the things we wish for all our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQA community

CEBU CITY, Philippines— It is that time of the year again wherein we celebrate Pride Month, a month to radiate love, acceptance, and diversity to members of the LGBTQA community.

This year, let us send some things we wish for the members of this unique community.


The most difficult thing this community has to face is the time when they have to come out and tell their stories. It takes a lot of courage for one to come out. We wish every member of this community courage, especially those who need extra push to get their stories out.


It is undeniable that some of the members of this community have faced a lot of challenges in their lives. In order for them to truly shine, they, too, need to heal and radiate their beautiful selves for the world to see.


Some are having a hard time accepting who they are or the situation they are in. Take a moment to think and look at the bright side of the situation. Acceptance is the first step to everything. Own it!


We wish for harmony in living in this beautiful world. The members of this community shouldn’t feel left out. Let’s help make them feel one with the rest of the community.


Love every fiber of your being. You are enough, you are not a waste, you are beautiful and you belong in this world, remember that.

This community brought so much joy to the world and as we celebrate Pride Month, let us make them feel that they, too, need to feel proud of themselves.


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