Celebrating Father’s Day with a dad in heaven

CEBU CITY, Philippines –If moms make everything easier to bear, dads would surely know how to teach you the greatest life lessons. 

This Sunday, June 20, most countries will celebrate the most special day for all Dads out there, even those who are already in heaven. 

Losing one of your parents is never easy, no matter how old you are. 

But Father’s Day is all about honoring fathers, fatherhood, and all paternal relationships.

That’s why CDN Digital listed these ways you can celebrate Father’s Day with a dad in heaven. 

Visit him – The grave is there for you to visit, a physical place where your Dad’s remains are. Bring him flowers, light some candles, and offer some prayers for him. This is also a great time to talk to him, even when you can’t hear his replies. 

Make a special mass offering for him – Go to your church and offer a mass intention for him. 

Make a poem – It doesn’t matter if you are a poet or not. Making poems, especially for your Dad is something he would surely appreciate if he’s still here. Keep it and read it whenever you miss him.

Cook his favorite food – because it’s a special day dedicated only for them! DADS!

Take care of your mom – Always try to keep your mom happy, because that way, your dad will be the happiest. 

Love yourselfIf there’s anything your dad would want to say to you now, it’s to love and take care of yourself above any material thing. Dads are the big guys you look up to, and yes, they would only want what’s best for their children even when you seldom hear them express themselves. 

This Father’s Day, CDN Digital also honors those who have lost their fathers, those who have not met their fathers, fathers who are far away from their family, and fathers who assumed the responsibilities of a mother. 


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