Best spot for a bike and breakfast + 11 essentials every cyclists need when going for a ride

All of these available at SM Seaside City Cebu — your friendly biking zone

By: - July 09, 2021

Cycling enthusiasts love riding their bikes for several reasons.

Some ride because it is a fun workout option, some ride because it is a convenient and cheaper mode of transportation, while some ride because it can take them to scenic places some four-wheeled vehicles can’t reach. Well, some, if not most, ride bikes for all those reasons.

In the past year, more individuals have started to get into cycling as it gave them an alternative means of getting to places while public transportation was momentarily halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also gave people an avenue to release all the stress due to the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic.

Gather your friends and bike around SM Seaside City Cebu’s Complex, the mall has even made it more convenient for cycling enthusiasts because you can now dine at its newest bike-friendly facility — the Bike and Breakfast.

Located at the Mountain Wing Arcade, the bike and breakfast facility is open from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

You can park and dine safely with good food from your favorite breakfast choices after your morning ride to fuel up for the day.

A bike repair stand with tools is also available if you need to fix anything in your two-wheeled buddy.

With more and more people getting into cycling either for fun, for exercise, or for transportation to work and home, it is just but fitting to know the essentials cyclists need to bring every time they go on a ride on their bikes.

Whether you’re a newbie biker or a hardcore cyclist, make sure you have these essentials which you can find at the SM Seaside City Cebu so you’d be assured of a safe and enjoyable ride.


Aside from safety lights on your bike or on your helmet, a safety reflective vest is an extra precautionary essential to keep you visible while on the road during night time or sunset rides, which are the best times for cycling.


When you are outdoors and sweating, bike gloves are helpful in keeping a good grip on your handle bar. It also helps provide extra cushion to lessen soreness during long rides. More importantly, wearing bike gloves can protect your hands during accidents.


Lights are one of the first safety essentials you should get when joining the world of cycling. It helps in alerting other cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists while you focus on your ride.


Stay hydrated and make sure to bring a bottle (or bottles, as some bikes are capable of having two bottle cages) of water in every ride. The last thing you’d want is to get dehydrated while you’re miles away from home and with no store in sight.


Like the tool bags of our cars and motorcycles, we also need a handy tool kit for our bicycles that is versatile and can help us in case we suffer mechanical problems on the road. Again, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the mountain routes with a busted bike.


When going on solo rides and you need to get something to eat or pause for a comfort room break, we have to park our bicycles. How do we keep it safe while we’re gone? A steel cable lock is the answer! This keeps our bikes safe while we’re either eating or taking that comfort room break we need.


Who said we can’t ride in style and comfort? A good pair of bike shorts with a supportive muscle compression and built-in padding can help you have a comfortable ride.


Carrying weight on your back while you ride your bike can be tricky. So you need the right all-around bag to keep your essentials in place while offering you a light and safe ride.


When we like going the distance in our rides, there’s no way one can predict the weather. So you need the perfect water repellent jacket made from a special fabric to keep you dry in case rain suddenly pours while riding.


A fashionable choice when going for a ride is adding an essential that will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays or outdoor debris while you ride your bike.

Now that your essentials are covered, head on over to SM Seaside’s Bike & Breakfast and dine while you are parked from 6AM – 9AM at The Mountain Wing Arcade! 

Got no time to squeeze a workout in the morning? SM Seaside Complex is open until sundown for all who wish to run, walk and bike around the complex.

Follow SM Seaside City Cebu (Official) on Facebook and @smseasidecitycebu on Instagram to get the latest updates on exclusive deals and more!

Ride safe!

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