LOOK: Dindi Pajares’ Miss Supranational 2021 national costume

GINATILAN, CEBU — Miss Supranational Philippines 2021 Dindi Pajares reveals details from her national costume designed by Erich Minoza. 

The Zamboanueño fashion designer called it “Poderosa” which means powerful. 

Pajares’ national costume is a traditional Zamboangueña gown, also known as mascota. 

The costume represents six elements—corpiño (silk or cotton slip), candongga (panuelo), renggue (upper garment), sobre falda (tapis), cola (the skirt), and enaguas (inner lining of the skirt). 

Without just one of these elements, it is not a mascota, Pajares wrote in her Instagram post. 


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“The inspiration of this Traje is all about women empowerment – as fashion is a highly visible and forceful medium that commands attention and communicates possibilities,” Parajes said.

It also ‘aims to channel the cry for women empowerment.

“The designer believes fashion has often been stigmatized as frivolous and antithetical to feminism; this exhibition is showing the opposite – “challenging stereotypes of what feminism can be.” 

“Zamboangueño Fashion Designer Erich Miñoza, desires to show diversity: as “every race, every ethnicity, every background with the use of intricate details and fabric manipulation that showcase excellent techniques bringing the edge to this creation, encrusted with various crystal beads and shadows of pailletes and adorn with antique small bells that produce sounds and was originally supplied by a group of indigenous women were intentionally used to create resonances in celebration of feminism beyond ethnicity,” Pajares added. 

According to Pajares, the national costume is a demonstration of women’s boldness of what they want to show through their clothing. 

“Through playful and risky combinations of loud colors that speaks for itself, Lazer cutout technique for sleeves and panuelo and a showcase of interesting embellishment like the wing inspired ornamentation aims to express that woman just like feathers are soft yet through this they can soar and fly.  We’re looking at womankind and empowerment in a different way,” Pajares said. 

The Philippines’ bet is set to compete in the pageant’s coronation night on August 22, 2021, in Poland. 

Here is a glimpse of Pajares’ national costume:

Dindi Pajares/ IG


Dindi Pajares/ IG


Dindi Pajares/ IG


Dindi Pajares/ IG

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