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Bea and Steffi take on MUP ‘Interview Challenge’

CEBU CITY, Philippines—The first challenge for the Top 50 of this year’s Miss Universe Philippines is out!

The Interview Challenge part 1 was shared on Empire Philippines YouTube channel.

The candidates were made to answer three questions. They are given 45 seconds to introduce themselves, then 30 seconds each for the three questions.

The two Cebu delegates showed grace under pressure and aced this challenge with their impressive answers.

First up was Cebu City representative, Bea Luigi Gomez.

Gomez’s first question is:

Her answer: I would definitely do it. In just a few years’ time, we try to crunch everything that we can to be able to do a lot of things and imagine the things that we can do if we live for 200 years, so I would definitely will.

Second question:

Her answer: I believe they only need to see the goodness in me and not literally everything especially not my personal life and they just have to filter out the things that they can learn from.

Last question for Gomez:

Her answer: The pandemic really did challenge especially my mental health for the past year and this year, I struggled a lot. I wanted to overcome all those weaknesses especially my social anxiety  I have overcome it during Binibing Cebu and we were in a lockdown I was forced to retract from society again and now I’m glad to be able to be in front of everyone again for Miss Universe Philippines.


Cebu Province powerhouse candidate Steffi Aberasturi made the interview look easy with her swift answering skills.

Here’s her first question:

Her answer: For me, I would rate my beauty, of course, 10! I am really blessed with what God has given me and also my parents because of that for me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin like knowing and accepting who you are and beauty is really skin-deep it’s not just physique but it is really what’s in here and for me, that’s beauty that’s why I rate myself 10

Aberasturi’s second question: 

Her answer: For me, I totally agree with that. You know me as a social media person as a tindera or a queendera I have always been into social media and it is very important for me to filter what I post and what I share and now people are taking advantage of the disadvantages of social media. We have to remind ourselves and put a borderline for us not to hurt other people and to remind  to make use of social media the way it is designed.

The final question:

Then her take on the pandemic-related question:

This pandemic I have encountered so many projects but I rose up and stand with this challenge. With this pandemic, I have learned so many things like the value of communication. Before I never really ask someone who are you and how are you doing but with this pandemic people mean so much to me that’s why with this pandemic life and time itself is important for me.


Are you impressed with the answers of these beauty queens from Cebu? /rcg

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