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Experience luxury unlike any other at Club Serena Resort

By: - November 24, 2021

The beauty of Club Serena Resort in the dive mecca Moalboal in Cebu, Philippines speaks of poetry with its breathtaking panoramic scenery, halcyon sea, crystal white sands, and captivating sunsets.

This exclusive laid-back luxury could easily fascinate guests with its surreal charms and translucent waters, making it an experience unlike any you have had before.

Club Serena Resort is an exclusive 1.3-hectare property perched above coral rocks. It is close to world-famous dive spots and in the majesty of the Philippines’ largest marine protected area, the “Kipot ng Tañon” or Tañon Strait.

Being at the heart of the country’s marine biodiversity, a refreshing experience surely awaits you here.

Club Serena Resort’s Treehouse Villa holds a bedroom for 4 adults, a modern Filipino bath with a free-standing oval tub, balconaje (balcony), and banggera (pantry). | Book your stay

A Modern Filipino Design

Recharge, refresh, and rejuvenate as you indulge in their luxurious accommodations. Designed in a distinctive modern Filipino vernacular architecture, the well-appointed suites and villas guarantee the utmost privacy and relaxation.

Divulge in a scenic view of the sea with the Club Serena Ocean Suite. This beachside suite reveals a spacious foyer with a fascinating view of the Tañon Strait and a stunning sunset ocean view.

For reservations, sales, and general inquiries, you may contact 0917 872 6367 or 0905 459 5307.

Savor the soothing view of the garden as you relax your body and soul through the Treehouse Villa. With a freestanding oval bathtub with a view of the garden, you are sure to lose all sense of time.

Revel in the delightful living space of the Ocean Family Suite furnished with elements of the traditional Filipino home such as a “banggera” (pantry), “banig” (handwoven grass mat), and a communal dining and sitting area.

Mira, Club Serena Resort’s beachfront all-day dining restaurant offers menus that are designed with Filipino sensibilities in mind. | Photo: Club Serena Resort | Reserve a table

A Gastronomic Satisfaction

Heighten your experience by savoring a unique array of gastronomic satisfaction for the palate and soul with signature Filipino dishes and fusion cuisine at Club Serena Resort’s all-day dining restaurant, Mira.

With a view of the clear skies and the different shades of the sea, you can feel contentment as you consume their delightful food presentations.

The Club Serena Resort experience is food for the soul as you explore the splendid ocean life and white-sands of Moalboal. | Photo: Club Serena Resort | Checkout the resort’s water activities

An Exhilarating Above and Underwater Experience

Find your flow with the above and underwater active pursuits you can enjoy at Club Serena Resort. Their list of activities creates a positive effect on both mental and emotional health such as paddleboarding, kayaking, and diving.

Improve your mood, focus, and cognitive function as you create a space for meditation with paddleboarding. This gets you on your feet and maintains your balance while practicing your core and leg strength.

Glide through still waters while improving aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility with kayaking. It’s not only enjoyable alone for some reflection time, but it’s also great in a group for bonding and socializing.

Descend into Moalboal’s underwater life that’s been immaculate since the beginning of time. The dive spot is home to an excellent underwater life with healthy reefs, varied underwater terrain, and an array of marine life such as fish, sharks, and turtles which are a must-see to beginners and experienced divers alike.

A renewal of the body and soul awaits you here at Club Serena Resort.

For more information about the resort, you can email [email protected], visit or check out their Facebook page.

For reservations, sales, and general inquiries, you may contact 0917 872 6367 or 0905 459 5307.

Rediscover yourself at Club Serena Resort.


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