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AppleOne Medical Group solidifies healthcare imprint across VisMin

By: - February 11, 2022

As we enter into another chapter in the ever-evolving narrative of the local healthcare industry amidst the pandemic, there continues to be an overwhelming demand for institutions to rethink old ways, reconfigure traditional structures that may no longer be relevant, and evolve with a more proactive approach and forward-looking mindset in order to aid in the growth and stability of the industry as a whole.

It is with such circumstances that we find our strength and passion to serve the needs of our communities, especially during these unprecedented times.

AppleOne Medical Group (AMG), founded in 2020, a subsidiary and the healthcare arm of AppleOne Properties, Inc. (API), saw the opportunity in elevating the current industry standards and championing better healthcare for the country.

AppleOne Medical Group (AMG) is the health and wellness arm of developer AppleOne Properties Inc. (API). | Know more about them here

This was a direction envisioned by the President & CEO of API, Mr. Ray Go Manigsaca, even before the onset of the pandemic. It was a timely and necessary progression of the company to venture into an industry that could greatly benefit from its 12-year track record in property management and development.

It is with this belief that we find AMG on the cusp of a new frontier for healthcare in the region, specifically for Visayas and Mindanao.

“With our strength and expertise in development and operations, and a keen foresight into the market, strengthened with our agile and dynamic approach to all our businesses, we are wholly committed to strengthening the foundation of our healthcare industry with well-equipped and well-supported hospitals around the region.”


-Ray Manigsaca on the expansion of the business into healthcare

In July of 2020, AppleOne Medical Group went into a joint venture partnership with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) for the acquisition, management, and operations of Visayas Community Medical Center (VCMC) in order to revitalize and further bring forth the mission of the hospital to its local communities. VCMC, a well-regarded institution that has been a beacon of hope in Cebu for over 69 years now, was steered in its new direction under the tutelage of newly- appointed CEO, Jun Amistoso, as part of AMG’s first order of business. Among the new platforms are the expansion, modernization, and enhancement of the facilities and services of the hospital.

A New Chapter for VisayasMed Hospital Cebu

For the past year and a half, the hospital has been experiencing a few significant changes – first, in terms of overall capacity expansion. Some important highlights include the addition of 36 new private rooms in order to accommodate more inpatients, an expanded hemodialysis facility, and newly renovated operating theaters (OR) along with the addition of 2 new ones. New Patient Wards (both Pediatric and General Ward) are currently being developed and will be opening soon, as well as, new Doctors Clinics, which will now be located at the brand new AppleOne Medical Arts Building.

The AppleOne Medical Arts Building, currently being developed, will be the premier health and wellness facility that will feature physician’s clinics and doctor’s offices, specialized diagnostics centers, medical laboratories, and commercial retail spaces, all of which will further complement the hospital and complete the integrated healthcare experience.

Second, in terms of capabilities enhancement, which is primarily driven by the inclusion of better, more updated, and modern equipment/machines to aid in the skills of the doctors.

Most notable to mention is the Laparoscopic machine (MIS), which allows for various minimally invasive surgeries, the 384-slice CT Scan, Ultrasound for General and OB, and the Hemodialysis machines, which will all enhance the hospital’s diagnostic capabilities.

These are just a few of the many significant improvements in equipment that have recently been added, allowing for more competitive and quality services, comparable to the top hospitals in the region. And third, in terms of improving service standards to better solidify the hospital and patient experience, with a focus on implementing different values-based programs along with a complete rebrand of the hospital.

The rebrand, symbolic of the new leadership of AMG and a somewhat rebirth for the hospital, is an effort to offer both internal (healthcare practitioners and medical staff) and external (patients and clients) stakeholders an entirely new experience; one that is anchored on providing better healthcare through competent and compassionate services.

VCMC provides patient-centered healing through quality medical care by competent professionals within their modern facilities. Coupled with an especially soothing environment, so that patients may live healthier, fuller, and more productive lives, the healthcare facility is being rebranded by AppleOne Medical Group (AMG).

VisayasMed Hospital Cebu, formerly VCMC, was made official last December 2021, through a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony held in the outdoor of the hospital, which was participated by employees, doctors, medical staff, and the executive team. Through the event, Mr. Jun Amistoso had revealed the new logo, hospital name, vision-mission, and offered a glimpse of the complete renovation design plans for VisayasMed. A truly significant and memorable way to end the year, and welcome an exciting new chapter for the hospital.

AMG Expands Its Healthcare Mission in VisMin

Apart from the modernization efforts and rebrand of VisayasMed, AMG had also acquired 2 other hospitals outside of Cebu in the same year. A strategic direction and intrinsic move to expand its healthcare imprint across the VisMin area, and serve its communities with better healthcare facilities and experiences.

On December 28, 2021, United Shalom Hospital (USH), formerly Bethany Hospital, opened its doors to Tacloban in Eastern Visayas, the second hospital under AMG’s wing.

United Shalom Hospital, formerly Bethany Hospital, will be the premier healthcare center in the Tacloban area with the expansion of its services and the modernization of its facilities, all to promote better health and wellness for its communities.

Initially, on its first run or soft opening for the public, USH has been offering diagnostics and inpatient services, as it continues to enhance its facilities and prepare to better serve the market, specifically the Leyte-Samar areas.

Currently, a Level 1 hospital with a 100-bed capacity, United Shalom Hospital features newly built facilities with 2 operating theaters, a delivery room, a level 2 accredited laboratory, dialysis, imaging (X-ray), a dedicated pharmacy, and 80 affiliated doctors to help champion the mission of the hospital. The goal for the coming year is to transition to a level 2 hospital with an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) capacity, in order to better serve the growing needs of the market during these unprecedented times.

The third hospital and the most recent to be added to the AppleOne Medical Group portfolio is Brokenshire Hospital in Davao.

A Tertiary Level 3 Health Facility with a 200-bed capacity., Brokenshire is a gateway for advanced healthcare in the region, one which AppleOne Medical Group endeavors to continue and enhance further.

A distinguished and well-respected medical institution dating back to the 1920s, Brokenshire has since been a testament of resilience and strength for the Mindanao region as it has gone through the tribulations of time yet has remained to be of service to its communities up to today. Brokenshire, currently a level-3 General Hospital with a 200-bed capacity, is among the few that specialize and offer In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in the country. It also offers Hybrid Endolap Surgery with Spyglass, being the first and only in Mindanao. This has indeed made Brokenshire a gateway for advanced healthcare in the region, one which AppleOne Medical Group endeavors to continue and enhance further. Other new features include a Molecular Biology Laboratory used for COVID testing, 3D Mammogram Screening, CT Scan Facility, Eye Laser Center, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Treatment Center, Diagnostic & Operative Laparoscopy Center, Child & Adolescent Neuro-Developmental Center, Renal Dialysis Center, Kidney Stone Center, to name a few.

Under the new management led by AMG, the hospital continues to experience significant changes in terms of the expansion of its services and specialties, improved facilities and amenities, the addition of more comprehensive and modern technology to complement its growing services, and a well-equipped and supported medical force. These are a few of the recent improvements made during the past year, with even more upgrades in the pipeline for the year ahead, Brokenshire will be regarded as the premier medical institution for the entire Mindanao region.

AMG’s Commitment For Tomorrow’s Healthcare

With the three hospitals being primed for the challenges and uncertainties of tomorrow, the AppleOne Medical Group will continue to remain steadfast in its commitment to the Filipino people in providing better access to quality healthcare.

AMG ensures, through the renovations and improvements of these hospitals, that each is able to deliver holistic medical care and compassionate services for its communities, in more meaningful and enriching healthcare experiences.


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