Heart Evangelista goes blonde for the summer

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Heart Evangelista is going blonde for the summer! 

The socialite and actress introduces another possible trend for the ladies this summer, showing off a blonde look in an Instagram post. 

From her famous YSL shades she wore in Paris, to her Dior purses, and even the Chanel-shaped food she used to cook, now, Heart is making a trend with her new pearl blonde hair color. 

The 37 -year-old is known for her luscious long black hair. But this time, she’s bringing more fun styles to the table for the summer season.

And as expected, netizens and  followers are just loving the look!

Is pearl blonde hair going to be a trend this year? Well, if Heart starts it, there’s a huge possibility it will be.

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Posted by CDN Digital on Tuesday, March 22, 2022




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