Jake Ejercito brings Ellie to Leni campaign

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Jake Ejercito is not shy in showing his support for presidential aspirant Leni Robredo. 

The actor attends campaign rallies whenever he can and even goes to house-to-house campaigns. 

But during the campaign rally of the “Kakampinks” in Bataan province, Tuesday, April 19, 2022, he took his daughter Ellie to meet his chosen president. 

In his Instagram account, he shared photos and videos of the meaningful encounter his daughter Ellie and VP Leni had. 

“When the one you are fighting for and the one leading the fight meet 🌸🌸#OlongapoIsPink #BataanIsPink,” reads Jake’s caption. 

In one video, VP Leni was walking through a sea of people, and when she saw Ellie wanting to approach her, her face lit up with glee. 



VP Leni even said she’s a fan of Ellie and watches her videos online.



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