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Adventure awaits with the new SKYGO KPV150 Dual Sport

By: - November 15, 2022

SKYGO‘s newest scooter is turning heads with its stylish design and innovative features.    

Known as SKYGO‘s next-generation maxi-scooter style, the KPV150 Dual Sport was launched on November 8, 2022 at the Oakridge Pavilion in A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue City.

The KPV150 Dual Sport has all the features that Filipinos love about motorcycles – convenience, affordability, and easy maneuverability – but with a sleek, modern look that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

As one of the motorcycle brands in the country, SKYGO is unique for its affordable motorcycles assembled in Cebu.

The brand-new scooter, which is available in Space Gray and Sapphire Blue colors, has the power of an all-road two-wheel vehicle yet maintains fuel efficiency. Its liquid-cooled 149cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine boasts a fuel consumption rate of 42-44 km/L, which is equivalent to a range of 400 kilometers per full tank. Power is transferred through a continuous variable transmission.

SKYGO’s KPV150 Dual Sport

Safety is also one of the strengths of the all-new scooter.

“The safety of every rider is our priority. We also have added comfort and maneuverability in mind, so innovative features were incorporated into the model to accommodate that. Especially now that travel restrictions are being eased, road trips and long-distance travel can become more enjoyable and safer with the KPV150 model,” said Gino Rosales, SKYGO chief marketing officer. 

Innovative features

For those looking for quality motorcycles, SKYGO’s KPV150 boasts innovative features that ensure motorists’ safety and comfort. These include the liquid cooling system that helps avoid overheating during long distance rides. In addition, it has a monoshock absorber feature that gives a smoother riding experience in all road conditions, whether on muddy mountain roads or smooth highways. 

Motorists will also benefit from its high ground clearance of 180mm that offers unhindered passability for off-road rides; and front USD hydraulic pressure fork that delivers better stability for brake caliper mounting and reduces friction between the stanchion and slider for better safety.

In addition, the KPV150’s rear center monoshock suspension improves driving balance and comfort and allows easy maneuvering over potholes and other road conditions. 


KPV150 Dual Sport is currently retailing at P104,500 and can be paid under a three-year payment plan. For a down payment of just P9,999, motorists can enjoy the benefits of this versatile motorcycle that is suitable for both on and off-road riding. 

SKYGO currently has 230 KPV150 units available, but expects to add more by next year. Rosales said this is in response to the positive reception that it has received from motorists during its launch. The company is confident that the KPV150 model will continue to grow in demand, and is committed to bringing more into the market to satisfy this demand. 

“In the past few years, the scooter market has grown exponentially,” said Rosales, citing people’s needs for a versatile and affordable mode of transportation.

Motorcycle think tank MotorCycles Data (McD) reported that from January to September 2022, there were a total of 1.45 million two-wheeled vehicles sold in the Philippines, projecting the year to end with 2.25 million motorcycles sold. 

As one of the motorcycle brands in the country, SKYGO is unique for its affordable motorcycles assembled in Cebu. The motorcycle parts are sourced from the Lifan Group, a Chinese motorcycle and automobile manufacturer, and assembled locally through Nito’s International Ventures, Inc. in Lapu-Lapu City. 

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