All you need is beach therapy 

By: - December 02, 2022

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Cebu has a lot of beautiful beaches offering adventure and relaxation. 

Just lounging at any of Cebu’s beaches, one can easily destress. 

Most of those who live in Cebu are lucky to just have these beautiful beaches several hours way from them, which makes it easy to pack up and leave for weekend of beach therapy.  

Why do we need some time off at the beach? Read on.

Releasing stress and anxiety

The beach has this magical way of taking away all the things that have been heavy on you. The beach can easily make you think straight by allowing yourself to let go of all those negativity for a few hours. 


Once you are done releasing all that has been bothering you, the beach also helps you realign yourself to your goals. Setting these goals while having a positive mindset at the beach will surely help you achieve these goals. 

beach therapy

One of the beautiful beaches in Cebu is in Medellin in the northern part of the island. CDN Digital photo | Immae Lachica

Time alone

You can go with your friends or family to the beach, but you can always find time to sit and be still on your own. You can look at the sea, feel the waves and sand on your toes and feel the warmth of the sun, appreciate the moment. 

Makes you healthy

Going out of your usual routine can introduce you back to being active. The beach can be an avenue for you to start doing some simple exercises while enjoying the vitamin D. 

Food trip

There’s something about eating by the beach. For some reason, meals are more sumptuous and enjoyable at the beach. 

Santa Fe beach

A glimpse of the white sand shoreline of Santa Fe in Bantayan island northern Cebu. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

The beach may not have all the answers we need to get through what we are going through, but it surely helps us rest our minds and hearts before we do our best in life. 

Beach therapy? Yes! 



Why is a beach trip always a good idea? Read on

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