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Why is it important to conserve mangroves and what happens if we lose these?

Just like any other trees, mangroves play a vital role in the well-being of nature. However, they also share the same fate as the trees that are found on land for they are also disappearing rapidly due to land conversion, pollution, and overexploitation. As we turn off our lights this Earth Hour, let us also be reminded why we should protect our mangroves as we also protect the other trees.


Most Important Carbon Sinks on the Planet

Mangroves have the capacity to absorb and store carbon dioxide, thus effectively stopping greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere, making these instrumental in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Coastal Defense Against Floods & Tsunamis

Mangrove forests act as natural barriers and coastal defense against major storms and floods. Aside from reducing the impact of winds and waves that would pass through, wide mangrove areas also help reduce the height of tsunamis as it breaches the coast.

Help Mitigate Coral Bleaching

Coral bleaching is a devastating effect of the climate crisis, wherein the warming temperature of the ocean severely impacts and damages the health of coral reefs and its ecosystems. Healthy mangrove forests have the capability to give shelter to coral species that face the risk of coral bleaching, as well as reduce ocean acidification.

Trees inevitably hold a major part of the answer to the world’s problems like climate change, wildlife preservation, and more. Yet deforestation continues to happen all around the world with up to 15 million trees being cut down each year. What would the Earth look like without trees?

Loss of Oxygen and Increase of Greenhouse Gases

Plants create oxygen and absorb greenhouse gases. Without trees, the greenhouse effect will increase the temperature of the earth leading to global warming. The temperature would rise faster and no living organism would survive on an Earth that is without oxygen and which experiences extensive heat.

No Tree-Based Products

If there are no more trees, you won’t be able to obtain any items from them. Every day, we consume and discard paper without realizing that we are contributing to the annual logging of billions of trees. Due to global deforestation, there would be no paper, fuelwood, charcoal, industrial wood, and many more. Fruits, nuts, and berries obtained from trees would also be unavailable.

It Will Lead To a Collapse of the Ecosystem

80% of land animals and plants live in forests and without the trees, most of them would die. Trees also keep the ground wet and cool as it helps drive the water cycle. Without trees, there would be no rain and the land would heat up and dry out causing failed harvests for several years that could lead to worldwide famine.

CDN Digital supports Earth Hour 2023 together with Cebu Energy Development Corp and Toledo Power Co.

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