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Zack Tabudlo breaks silence on Moira Dela Torre: “We were accused of so much things”

Zack Tabudlo

Zack Tabudlo.

Singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo finally broke his silence to set the record straight amid rumors linking him to Moira Dela Torre.

The “Habang Buhay” and “Binibini” hitmaker got personal on the issue as he shared a photo of him in a hospital bed through a social media post, in which he revealed that he tried to take his own life, with the accusations being one of the reasons.

“I kept quiet but it all became too heavy for me. The pressure, the accusations, the music, my mental state, and everything just crumbled down for me. And I gave up. I couldn’t take it and I committed suicide. But thank God he gave me another chance,” he wrote.

In the post, Tabudlo detailed his friendship with Dela Torre, whom he first met in March 2022 during rehearsals for his tour.

“Moira was a guest in my tour and did a few shows with me which explains the rehearsals and photos speculating online. We did guestings and promos on social media, which are posts of lyrics from our song. We also took photos together, […] basically letting everyone know we had a song together,” he wrote.

“[A]t this time I had already created a friendship with her, her friends, and team. […] We all made music together, spent a lot of amazing time, and most importantly built such an amazing relationship with the circle,” he added.

Tabudlo revealed that he was “not in [his] most stable mental state” at the time, as the pressure from being a musician proved too much for him to handle.

“I do not have the biggest background when it comes to friends, I was a weird kid making music showing it off to my whole school when i was younger […] No one gave a shit about me and I was bullied for being this way,” Tabudlo said.

“But Moira and her group of friends made me believe that I am loved, and I am someone who was worthy of having real people beside me. That circle, and especially Moira, became my family,” he added.

According to Tabudlo, their group was shocked when they found out that Dela Torre broke up with her now estranged husband, Jason Hernandez. He said their circle gave Dela Torre the love and support she needed during those times.

However, he lamented the rumors that soon followed because of his actions.

“[I] was there for a friend who needed my help and I wanted to give that protection and support that she gave me when I needed it. But [that’s] not what everyone saw and what everyone knew,” he said.

Tabudlo shared that when he left the hospital, he went straight to a tattoo shop with his family and friends, including Dela Torre, and got semicolon tattoos. “[Moira] told us to get bird tattoos as well for me to fly high and never look down forever,” he added.

Tabudlo said he wanted to share his experience to “help and inspire [those] who are going through the same thing.”

“[T]o those who are also in the verge of giving up. This is not the end for you. God has so much in store for you and your story will not end there. Like my parents always say, problems will always pass and there’s always a solution for everything,” he said.

He concluded the post with kind words for Dela Torre, whom he called the “strongest” person he has met.

“[S] he’s selfless, strong, caring, and so loving to the people around her. and I adore her with all my heart. She was one of the people who were there for me during my healing stages in the ward and I will never ever forget how much she’s helped me grow and move pass this phase of mine despite of all the things she went through,” he wrote.

Dela Torre recently took to social media to defend herself against allegations hurled against her as a songwriter and artist, expressing how “disheartening” it was to be in a situation where she has to “prove her worth.”

She stressed anew that she never cheated on Hernandez, who admitted he is “desperate” to get Dela Torre back.

Hernandez went viral on social media after releasing his newest song, “Ikaw Pa Rin,” the music video of which included clips from their wedding.

“I did not cheat on Jason [Hernandez]. It is unfair that I find myself in a position where I have to defend my name and even explain why I did not deserve to be cheated on,” she said.  /ra

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