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Ellen Adarna shares a detail about Temple of Leah: ‘It was built to be a storage for my grandmother’s things’

Ellen Adarna at the Temple of Leah.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Ellen Adarna- Ramsay has another interesting answer to a question from a follower on Instagram.

This time, it had something to do with her family’s well-known “Temple of Leah” located in the mountains of Cebu City

Temple of Leah is now a  tourist destination here, where people can grasp and marvel on the beauty of Cebu City from the top.

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But one follower of Ellen asked why  the entrance fee to the temple is so expensive.

Ellen Adarna with her cousin, Mia during one of their yoga sessions at the Temple of Leah.

This is where Ellen shared what the original plan for the temple was, aside from it being a tribute to her grandmother.

“The story about the temple ‘dai, [is that] it was not built to be a tourist spot. It was built to be a storage for my grandmother’s things,” she said.

“But then the view was nice and I guess because of the structure, people started going, so the family decided to make it a business na lang,” Ellen added.

And to address the question about the prices of the entrance fees, she said the family needed to make the place more accommodating to everyone, hence, they needed to spend some more for the enhancement of the place.

“Di man unta na tourist spot. Mao na karon, gi expand nalang unya dako-dako sad og gasto,” she said.

(It was not meant to be a tourist spot. So now, it was expanded and money was spent for that.)

Ellen then gave this advice to the netizen who thought the fee was a bit expensive:

“‘Dai, kung reklamo ka, ayaw nalang adto. Ana na lang,”  she said.

(If you’re complaining, then just don’t go there. Simple as that.)

Today’s real talk is brought to you by Ellen Adarna-Ramsay!



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