Expressa Coffee: Stirring Up Cebu’s Coffee Landscape with Unparalleled Taste and Affordable Luxury

- July 31, 2023

Cebu’s coffee culture is set for a tasteful disruption! Expressa, the novel coffee brand, has made a stunning entrance, launching four strategic branches in prime locations of Cebu’s top malls within a fortnight. SM City, SM Seaside, Ayala Center Cebu, and Ayala Central Bloc are all now home to Expressa’s visually striking and welcoming kiosks. This daring inception forecasts Expressa’s intention to reshape the coffee industry, transforming the way we indulge in our beloved brew.

With Expressa, we’re breaking down the barriers between luxury coffee experiences and affordability. It’s about making premium quality an everyday reality for everyone.


Joan Cheng

Chief Marketing Lead

Expressa is a harmonious blend of global design aesthetics and superior coffee, promising an exceptional taste at surprisingly affordable prices. Every facet, from the eye-catching kiosks shaped like colossal iced coffee cups embellished with world coffee culture icons to the beguiling concoction of coffee, milk, and a splash of magic, guarantees a distinctive and upscale coffee experience.

expressa coffee

Expressa’s Zero-Ice Series bottled coffee, available in España and Saigon flavors. (PHOTO BY: IVAN PETER B. MONTECILLO)

An exciting addition to the Expressa family is the innovative “Expressa Zero-Ice Series”. This series features a sleek, signature bottle, the ‘Expressa Orb’, offering an intriguing promise – a divine chilled coffee experience that doesn’t require ice. This trailblazing product line pledges to overhaul the way cold coffee is enjoyed.

The secret to Expressa’s allure lies in its ingredients and the brewing process. Using locally-sourced beans and avant-garde brewing techniques, Expressa has concocted a secret brew that bestows its coffee with a unique and memorable taste. This commitment to premium quality and innovation, combined with an appreciation for cost efficiency, enables Expressa to make luxury coffee accessible to everyone.

expressa coffee

Expressa’s cup kiosks are located at four malls in Cebu, providing a novel coffee experience in the city. 

Expressa’s brand essence is encapsulated in its mantra, “Global Heart, Local Spirit”. Their menu houses five exceptional flavors, each demonstrating the brand’s dedication to delivering the finest cold coffee. Be it the invigorating Expressa Tonic, the perfectly balanced Expressa España, or the audacious Expressa Italia, each flavor initiates a unique coffee journey.

Keeping the price point at a comfortable PHP60, Expressa promises an unrivaled taste, a top-tier brand experience, without the premium price tag. Joan Cheng, Chief Marketing Lead of the Everyday Everywhere Company, the parent company of Expressa, shares her thoughts on the brand’s unique proposition. “With Expressa, we’re breaking down the barriers between luxury coffee experiences and affordability. It’s about making premium quality an everyday reality for everyone,” she said.

Adding on to this, Rae Lorenz Errea, Brand Operations Lead of the Everyday Everywhere Company, passionately talks about Expressa’s mission. “We aim to infuse magic into daily essentials and transport you to a realm of endless possibilities. With Expressa, every day is an adventure, and every place feels like home.”

expressa coffee

Expressa yourself with their cups and bottles series that brings together global design influences and top-notch coffee at affordable prices. (PHOTO BY: IVAN PETER B. MONTECILLO) 

Expressa’s rapid expansion in Metro Cebu and plans as intriguing as its secret brew suggest a brand that’s here to leave a mark. Coffee enthusiasts, brace yourself for a paradigm shift; Expressa is geared up to redefine your coffee experience, one premium sip at a time. Catch this novel coffee experience at your nearest SM City Northwing Atrium, SM Seaside Foodcourt, Ayala Center Cinema near Tater’s, and Ayala Central Bloc 3F Geonzon Bridgeway. Let Expressa, with its creed of “Everyday Coffee Everywhere”, be your guide to an unrivaled coffee experience that’s within reach.



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