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How sweet it is to be loved by cats

Cebuanos share cat pictures in commemoration of International Cat's Day

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Stout or thin, furry or hairless, chill, nonchalant or hyperactive, we celebrate our feline fur-babies for being who they are, and for always being there to comfort us, every time.

On August 8, CDN Digital joined the world in celebrating the little furry bundles of joy.

Even if these fur-babies show their affection towards their humans in different ways, one might say that they will always leave a ‘paw mark’ in our hearts.

And for that, we got our very own Ka-Siloys to share with us a glimpse of their lives, living with their lovable fur-babies to carry them through all times.

Ka-Siloy, Lelibeth Quinlog Simbajon, shared with CDN Digital, a photo of her own baby, ‘Mimoy’, lounging at the ground.

“happy cat’s day… to my baby mimoy pogi… lablab,” the fur-mom wrote.


Mimoy got a lot of reactions on social media, as netizens notice that except for his cuteness and strikingly blue eyes, Mimoy has a distinct fur-pattern that makes him the ‘Mimoy’ that he is.

On the other hand, other Ka-Siloys decided to share some funny pictures of their fur-babies with CDN-Digital.


These Ka-Siloys are some of the netizens that openly shared some amusing pictures of their cats.

On the other hand, one Ka-Siloy shared a cute picture of him with his fur-baby, Farang; attaching a heartwarming note for others to read.

“His name is FARANG my first Grandson…,” this Ka-Siloy said.


But beyond all the fun, warmth and quick laughs, Ka-Siloy, Lounor Tan Rebullida, took this day as a chance to commemorate her fur-baby, Mochi.


“In loving memory of my Mochi my 1st cat. Still honoring him. He was the reason that I’ve learned to love cats now. 🤍🤍🤍,” Rebullida said.

With a quick look inside some of our Ka-Siloy’s lives, we can say that, indeed, it is possible to bond with our cats emotionally. Even though we speak differently, we somehow coincide our thoughts and actions to our dear fur-babies.

How sweet it is to be loved by these dear feline bundles of joy. And to reciprocate the tender feelings to our feline friends, always remember to embrace each moment of ‘purrfection’ with them.

Your love and care will surely create a positive haven for your whiskered companions. Cherish the cuddles, playtime, and quirky antics that make your cat’s world complete.


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