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Liza Soberano admits weight is her ‘number one insecurity’

Liza Soberano weight

Liza Soberano. File

Liza Soberano opened up about her weight being her “number one insecurity,” as she revealed that she “would always get criticized” for it, which eventually affected her mental health.

Soberano bared her insecurities with her “weight fluctuating back and forth,” saying it’s “no secret” throughout her showbiz career, as seen in Vicki Belo’s vlog on Friday, Aug. 18.

“I think my number one insecurity would be my weight. I think that’s no secret all throughout my showbiz career. I would always get criticized for my weight fluctuating back and forth,” she said. “Rumors of me being ‘pregnant’ just because I gained a little weight would really affect my mental health. And when I think of myself, I don’t think of myself as someone who’s overweight.”

The actress then pointed out that she’s “very health conscious” in general, although she noted that her body is a bit on the bigger side” because of her genes as a Filipino-American.

“I’m [actually] very health conscious, like I eat good, I make sure that I exercise, I make sure to just live a healthy lifestyle, so I don’t think I’m unhealthy. The demands [of] being in showbiz physically is unattainable because I always get compared to girls that are smaller than me, and because I’m a halfie, I am also a bit on the bigger side,” she said.

Soberano, who opted to “cover herself” with “bigger sized clothing and same silhouettes,” also shared that she’s insecure about her skin, especially on her “legs and body.”

“I had really bad skin growing up. I had allergic reactions to air, the [change of environment]. Because I grew up in America and I came here, all of a sudden, I had all these rashes coming up my legs. I kind of got bullied in school for that,” she said, while recalling her past experiences of being bullied.

“People would call me ‘hayop (animal)’ instead of saying ‘Hi Hope.’ People would say I had galis (scabies) like a dog because my skin was really bad… coming into showbiz, people would always point to my knees and how they’re scarred and very dark compared to everyone who had flawless skin,” she continued.

As she grew older, the “Alone Together” star revealed that she got “alopecia” sometime in 2020 due to stress, where she cited “pressure and lack of sleep” as some of the causes.

“As I got older, my hair started thinning a bit. I got alopecia actually around 2020 due to stress. I guess the nature of the industry that we are in, we’re constantly getting our hair and make-up done, constantly under a lot of pressure, stress, and then lack of sleep,” she added.

Soberano was named as one of Hollywood’s “exciting young actors” by the U.S.-based lifestyle magazine Town and Country in April of this year, joining Will Harrison, West Duchovny, Priya Kansara, Khris Davis, and Kylie Rogers.

She is set to make her debut as a Hollywood star in the upcoming film “Lisa Frankenstein” where “Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse is one of the leads. EDV


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