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Inahan ni Maggie Wilson sikop sa kasong carnapping: ‘She doesn’t have a licence, let alone knows how to drive…’

Nanay ni Maggie Wilson inaresto dahil sa kasong carnapping: 'She doesn’t have a licence, let alone knows how to drive... only in the Philippines!'

Nakurat ang mga followers sa kanhi actress-beauty queen ug entrepreneur nga si Maggie Wilson, human niya ibalita nga gidakop ang iyang 64 anyos nga inahan sa kasong carnapping.

Nag-post si Maggie, ang kanhi asawa sa real estate mogul na si Victor Consunji, sa iyang social media mahitungod niini.

“My 64-year-old mother was arrested this morning for carnapping.  She doesn’t have a licence, let alone knows how to drive. #OnlyinThePhilippines,” matud niya.

“A few moments ago, multiple police officers came to arrest my mom. My mother has looked after OUR son (Connor) and YOU through thick and thin.”

“You’ve hit a new low.”

“P.S Eveything has been and will continue to be documented in detail,” dugang ni Maggie.

“The government wouldn’t listen, and the justice system wouldn’t listen, but I’m sure the rest of the world will.”

“One man is about to bring great shame to our country.”

Apan wala maghisgot si Maggie kun kinsa ang nagpadakop sa iyang inahan.

Nag post usab ang business partner ni Maggie nga si Tim Connor sa iyang IG stories sa susamang balita.

Matud niya, “I’ve seen some strange things in my lifetime, but today, seeing Maggie’s 64-year-old mother arrested for stealing a car despite never having a driver’s licence, let alone knowing how to drive a car, is an eye-opener.”

“I am unsure how you tell your son that you had his Mother and Grandmother arrested because you were so angry that you no longer had control of your ex-wife.”

“I am no angel, but I guess we all have different ethics and values in life. Unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measures,” matud ni Tim sa iyang post.

Nag post usab si Maggie og hulagway nila sa iyang mommy Sonia Nales nga may caption, “It’s been over two years since I walked away.

“He pledged to give me a monthly stipend of PHP20,000 in late 2021 for my basic needs. I have not received a single peso, nor have I followed up or asked for any of it.”

“In fact, the house I moved into when I was still in Manila had six months’ worth of unpaid bills. I cleared that debt myself. I’ve even asked several times for the bank account details to pay for the “rent,” but they wouldn’t give them to me.”

“He has been using borrowed money from investors to try and get me instead of paying what he owes to his suppliers, brokers, taxes, credit lines from banks, and others.”

“I get phone calls and messages every single day from people chasing debt.”

“If you think for a moment that this is about me extracting money from him, it’s quite the opposite.”

“For legal reasons, this is not about who you think it is. The sky is green, and unicorns exist,” dugang pa sa kanhi aktres.

Una nga mi-komento sa iyang post ang asawa ni Derek Ramsay nga si Ellen Adarna, “Na scam ka ata mags (crying and sad face emojis) hugs mags.”

Matud sa netizen nga si @lovebeadavid, “@maria.elena.adarna salute you @maria.elena.adarna for commenting and standing up for maggie I hope and expecting also to other Filipino artist Maggie need you guys!”

Midugang si @titanihailey, “@maria.elena.adarna sobra pas na scam dai. Haha!”

Mi-puno si @assetreese19, “@maria.elena.adarna double whammy, Hinde na nga yummy ganito pa.”

Sugyot ni @phaelahurd, “Can we get Amal clooney to look at this case? The Phil. Justice system is very disappointing. Even the lawmakers are all but lip service when it comes to protecting women and gaining gender equality, coz the basic of the basic rights can’t even be enforced. @piacayetano @gabrielaphils @raffytulfoinaction.”

Matud ni @womanizer_ceo_consunji ay basig maala-an kuno nga beauty queen ang mommy ni Maggie sa detention cell.

“Brave mommy pinagkamalan pa raw siya si Gloria Diaz sa detention cell. Ang bagal lang talaga ng process kahit saan sa ‘Pinas.”

Nangutana si @21_mousy, “@womanizer_ceo_consunji okay na po ba siya (mommy ni Maggie)?”

Mitubag si @womanizer_ceo_consunji, “@bryanstew201 d umabot sa office hrs process ng bail.”

Adunay sugyot si @cindymae815, “@womanizer_ceo_consunji the Mom is really pretty!!stay strong po!”

Matud ni @ksors, “This is too much! If is truly happy with his alleged concubine, why doesn’t just leave you alone and be civil so you can co-parent.”

Dugang ni @amarigomez008, “What an embarrassment sa mga Consunji. He will bring the whole Consunji down with him.”

Sey pa ni @anabanananutella, “Because he realized what a fool he was to downgrade that’s why he couldn’t leave you alone.”

Mi dugang si @krabby1989, “Be careful every single minute. Miss Maggie ..baka po mamaya may gagawin nanaman silang mas matindi desperado na sila..basta fight lang po Kayo Miss Maggie.”


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