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FACES OF CEBU: Kent Alvarez, 24, Naval Architecture topnotcher

Kent Alvarez

Engr. Kent Arnold J. Alvarez, a graduate of the University of Cebu – Maritime Education and Training Center (METC) topped the Naval Architects Licensure Examination 2023. | Contributed photo

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Cebu-based graduates have been taking the spotlight for consistently being top notchers in board exams.

Just recently, a graduate of the University of Cebu (UC) – Maritime Education and Training Center (METC) topped the Naval Architects Licensure Examination.

He is Kent Arnold Java Alvarez, 24, from Greenhills, San Fernando, Cebu. He was among the 28 out of 87 whopassed the exams. He topped the exam with a 80.40-percent rating.

While he did top the exams, Alvarez says he is actually just an average student.

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Alvarez says he barely took academics seriously and never once experienced being listed on the honor rolls from elementary to college.

However, one thing he found himself confident about was when he discovered his true talent and passion in Mathematics and Science.

“I find myself immersing in these subjects even though they are challenging ones,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez stumbled upon the captivating world of Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry during his 10th grade, which led him to choose a career centered around mathematics and science.

“My first choice is to be a marine engineer on board. But unfortunately, I failed the medical requirements,” Alvarez said.


Bumped into a setback, Alvarez still decided to push his luck and pursue another related career path, which was Naval Architecture.

He vowed to complete the program with Latin honors. But little did he know, his path would encounter an unexpected twist when the unforgiving wave of the pandemic hit.

“During online classes, some of my subjects went down,” Alvarez said.

He also became more focused on helping his mom’s business alongside taking his classes online. He dedicated most of his time to their business and even thought of quitting school.

“I really did withdraw my enrollment, but my gut told me to continue what I started,” Alvarez said.

Consistency and discipline

True enough, Alvarez continued and persevered his way until he graduated in 2022.

Preparing for Naval Architects Licensure Exams, Kent Alvarez considered maintaining consistency and discipline the most crucial part.

“It made me strengthen my mentality that I must put the work even if I don’t feel like working,” he said.

Alvarez shared how he practiced the discipline of social media detachment during reviewing.

“It’s more on the mindset of doing what I am supposed to do regardless of what I feel,” he added.

During his review days, he also assisted his colleagues by discussing his insights on particular subjects and sharing his derived formulas, calculator techniques, and other concepts and theories.

”I’m never hesitant to those who approach me and ask for help. I really want to help genuinely because I got that trait from my mom, helping without asking for anything in return,” Alvarez stated.

Consistent with his drive, the kind of discipline and kindness executed by Alvarez has brought him a greater return when he not only passed the board exam but coveted the top spot.

“Lipay kaayo ko nga nakapasar ko. Goods na gyud na pero niana man ako classmate nga ako daw top mao to dili ko ka tuo kay knowing nga grabe ka lisod ang exam,” he expressed.

Best planner

In a profound moment of overwhelming joy, Kent’s immediate response upon receiving the incredible news was to seek solace in prayer.

With a heart brimming with gratitude and humility, he turned to a higher power, acknowledging the forces that guided him to this fortunate outcome.

“God is really the best planner,” Alvarez said.

The Naval Architects Licensure Exam top notcher attributed his greatest triumph to his parents, who inspired him to toil tirelessly and extend a helping hand to others without any expectation.

To future takers who are seeking advice, top notcher Kent Alvarez has this to say.

“Trust God and his future plans. We may want something good, but God, being the best planner, always has something far greater than we expect as long as we maintain our faith and continue our hard work for Him and our loved ones.”


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