Rogelie Catacutan is ready for the world

By Orly J. Cajegas |April 05,2015 - 08:32 AM

Despite her extensive pageant experience (Reyna ng Aliwan 2010, Miss Casino Filipino 2013, Miss World Philippines 2011 Top 12), newly-crowned Binibining Pilipinas-Supranational 2015 Rogelie Ardosa Catacutan confesses that she was a bag of nerves offstage.

“It was nothing short of a miracle that I got crowned,” says the soft-spoken former front desk officer of  the Cebu City Marriott Hotel. This was evidenced by the way she breathed a huge sigh of relief,
as caught on camera during coronation night.

This registered nurse  traded the white cap for that crown—a dream of hers. Though born and raised in Amlan, Negros Oriental, Rogelie considers Cebu City as her home. And now, the  beauty queen is all set to give it her all as she represents the country in the international pageant later this year.

Bolder, braver, and a strong believer of second comings, Rogelie is ready for an international crown, with the grace of a gazelle, sharp wit of a diplomat, the amiable attitude of an obedient daughter, but always with her feet firmly planted on the ground.

Rogelie Catacutan

What do you miss most about working at the hotel?
The people. Mao jud akong kamingawan. I consider them as my family. I miss going back to Cebu not only because I have my family here but because of the people I worked with. I have worked here for two years already, and they serve as an inspiration, who  pushed me to pursue my dreams.

How does it feel to come back as a Binibining Pilipinas winner?
Actually, when I rode the taxi coming here, gikulbaan ko. Mixed emotions—happy and excited to see my former co-workers. I never expected that our Execom will be around to welcome me. Every one was there, the people and all the departments. They were there to congratulate me. It’s overwhelming.

Did you expect to win a title?
Actually, in any pageant that I join, I always expect to win. But when I joined Bb. Pilipinas, my status was like floating gani kaayo ko. I didn’t know if I would get a crown or be in the Top 15. I relied on prayers. I don’t know what happened, but God granted my wish so I am very thankful.

Were you reading the blogs prior to the pageant?
It’s quite normal for the girls to read the blogs, but in my case, if I read a negative comment, I would reflect and ask myself if that person is really reliable. Somehow it would serve as a mirror so I could
improve myself… but it was not said in a constructive way. Somehow I felt bad na favorite ka at first but somehow nawala ka sa limelight. It hurts pud baya. Later on you will realize that you need to double time, like effort pa more. Ingon ana akong gi-think and I will always pray. Mao na ang nakapakusog nako. I did not have my family with me but I was staying with Kris Janson. She gave me  tips. But, at the end of the day, it’s just you because you are the candidate.

In an interview on national TV,  you candidly said that physical fatigue was the easiest to address during the pageant preparations since “…there’s Berocca for that.” Care to explain?
When I joined Binibini, I was not expecting it to be like that. It was really physically tiresome. Like you get up in the morning at 5 a.m and leave the house at 6 a.m for a 7 a.m.  call time, then go home at 1 a.m. I couldn’t sleep right away pa gyud because I’d still be thinking about the day the day that happened and all. I realize that more than anything else, you have to mold your mind. Mao ra ang makapabilin nimo sa competition.

Was there a Plan B to join Miss Philippines Earth in case you didn’t win a title?
I don’t know ha but I have this mentality man gud na if dili mo-work I know something else… something good will happen. I was actually thinking of coming back to Cebu and taking the offer given to me before I joined Bb.  Pilipinas— which is to be a sales executive. I never thought about it (joining Miss Philippines Earth) because they have Jaime (Herrell) and she’s my good friend. But naa sad sa akong kaugalingon nga ma-conquer nako ang Bb. Pilipinas, so I did!

But you joined—and won —Miss Casino Filipino before deciding to join Bb. Pilipinas.
Yes, I joined Miss Casino Filipino for my “warm-up.” As you can see, there is a difference… then and now. I was big at that time. I thought that if I would not make it then, I would join Bb. Pilipinas. The prize money I got there I used to prepare for  Binibini kay it is not a joke. You have to invest on makeup, shoes, a lot gyud. But everything was worth it man.

Rogelie Catacutan

What did you do prior to Bb. Pilipinas?
I went to Baclaran for three Sundays. My aunt called my Ate to light a candle. Dili sya mahurot until dili mahuman ang Bb. Pilipinas. My Tita screamed when I won. I only had 20 supporters—akong ig-agaw, paryenti sa Cebu, sila Mommy Jonas. I was an underdog. My victory was a pleasant surprise.

How supportive was your family?
They were very supportive jud. Makahilak na lang ka.

Was there a feeling that you might not win?
Yes. Mag-kurog jud ko sa sulod. Daghang nindot og lawas, daghang gwapa. I know daghang mas taas nako but sa butang na ma-proud ko sa akong kaugalingon is how I appear sophisticated, how I  handle myself. I know how to look queenly. It shows naman sa Binibini Pilipinas.

Do you think it would have been an advantage if you were hyped up?
Somehow. But if ang pressure gets into your head then that’s the sad thing about it. Luckily for me, dili ko hyped, so dili ko pressured. Honestly, when we went on stage, I was more excited than nervous. Diha nako gikulbaan sa Q & A, then sa announcement of winners. “Kembot lang jud Rog, smile lang jud. Rayna na jud ka ‘day.” Sa production number pa lang daan, akong kiay tanan. It’s their first impression so you have to be really good.

Speaking of Q&A, there were negative comments about Toni Gonzaga hosting that segment. What’s your take on that?
Actually it’s very different when you see it on TV and when you watch the pageant live. Sa TV man gud gipang-cut na siya but if you were there malingaw ka niya. She was entertaining. I never felt nervous. She was funny.

Did you feel comfortable during the Q&A?
Yes, because she asked me: “How are you?” It gave me the vibe nga okey siya. When she told me: “I like your family name,” I answered: “Thank you so much.”

What were your thoughts during the Q&A?
All I heard kay cheers, people screaming. I was like: “Oh, my God! Human na akong Q & A. Maka ginhawa nako’g lawom ani!” Naka sigh ko ato: “Wwoooh!” Grabe! Tinud-anay to, wala to’y drama. Hay, thank you Lord! Mura kag gituok. Ipatawag lang akong name kay maka ginhawa nako ani.

Are you happy with your title?
I received it with all of my heart. Happy kaayo ko with the crown that I have.

There were talks that there would be an exchange of titles—between you and Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental Christi Lynn McGarry, since she already competed during the Miss Intercontinental pageant in 2010. Tell us about this.
Actually, I already knew the issue. But I was not sure if apil ko ato. Pero kinsa man lain ma switch? Ako man ang duol niya. However, when the lawyers had a conversation, niana sila: “Rog, we have a problem about Christi’s.” And I said yes (it’s okay to switch) at the same time I told the lawyer that I don’t want to be greedy kay if ever, she won’t be able to join an international pageant. But I believe di siya ma-disqualify kay Mrs. Stella Araneta already called the organizers and that okey ra. We trust Mrs. Araneta. I hope she (McGarry) would make it.

How has your life changed after winning the crown?
Siguro, nailhan na ko sa mga tawo. When I go to the Bb. Pilipinas office, mo ana sila: “Uy, it’s Miss Catacutan, the Ms. Supranational.” Sa Facebook, a lot of people are claiming nga paryenti ko nila and I tell them, “Thank you for the support.” But when it comes to my family, they treat me like a normal girl. Manghugas gihapon ko’g plato sa amoa. Things like that walay nausab. Siguro sa public lang, I should be like presentable.

Kris Aquino was impressed with your answer on “The Buzz” when she asked about your relationship status.
I said: “I am loved.” I’m in a relationship right now and I am in love. It (Kris’ reaction) was a compliment for me. She told me during Abunda and Aquino Tonight, “Di ba ikaw ‘yung nagsabi ng ‘I am loved?’ Palagi kong sinasabi na sana one day I am loved.”

Among your fellow candidates, who are you closest to?
I’m close to Hannah (Sison), Janicel (Lubina), and Ann (Colis) because of our personality. Mag-jam jud mi. Kami ni Ann, mura mi’g uyab. She’s pretty and nice. Hannah is a good friend of mine. Because she lives in Makati, every time naa mi training kami mag kuyog uli.

How about Pia (Wurtzbach)?
She understands Bisaya but she can’t speak it fluently. She’s okay, she’s trying to know more. She’s nice and sweet and she brings food for all. Maayo siya. Wala char! After the pagent, wala nay rivalry. We talk a lot and help each other. We think as sisters. Si Janicel if di pa ma-human iyang hair, kami ang mo kulot.

How are you preparing for the Miss Supranational pageant?
Actually karon, we’re focused on our TV guestings. When I get back to Manila, contract signing. Other than that, we have sponsors, like Gold’s Gym. They are excited to train us. Puno amo schedule. Feel namo mura mi’g candidates kay we still have a call time.

Siguro it will last for a month then training na. I’m excited for the training. I’ve been eating a lot for two weeks now. I’m enjoying the food. When I was a candidate kay no pork, no beef. Just kamote, boiled egg and salad. Kung no salad, then manok.

Rogelie Catacutan
Do you aspire to be thinner than you already are?
Not on being thin, but more on toning sa body, arms and lubot. Ang Supranational kay palawasay, palamiay.

Are you open to showbiz?
I’m not closing my door to it, but if given a chance, I’d rather work in a company. I prefer if over showbiz kay I value relationships. Di ko ganahan ma-apil ang akong pamilya. When you sign a showbiz contract, you’re giving the public permission na mahilabtan imong kinabuhi.

Have you already met a beauty queen that you idolize?
We have this outreach program in Quezon. Then last February, there was group of women helping the less fortunate. (Former Miss Universe) Margie Moran-Floirendo was one of them. When I saw her, I was so happy.

She’s focused on humanitarian work. Ganahan ko puhon ing ana ko.

What is your advocacy?
Since nurse ko by profession I want to tap NGOs and doctors. I want to help kanang na’ay diperensya. I want to give chance kaning mga bata dili ka afford sa hospital. I want to ask help kay basin this kid has a bright future. Ganahan ko magka-confidence sila.

Who are the people you want to thank in this journey?
Si Lord, my family, and mentors especially Mommy Jonas (Borces). Siya ang ga-push nako to join. Grabe siyag faith nako. Katapusang earrings nako gikan niya. He is my inspiration. Wala siya mag kulang nako. I’m very happy nahatag nako ang crown niya. And sir Philipp Tampus for the very nice creation.

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