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What is with Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko Foundation, Inc- Cebu?

- November 29, 2023

If I were to flip back the pages of the best stories of my life, I would certainly open to those chapters that chronicled my experiences when I was working with KKMKFI-Cebu.

Aside from Disneyland, KKMK is one of the happiest places on Earth.


Kapwa has always been my home. Kapwa has always been the best workplace. Kapwa has the best people with different interests, perspectives, and professions, but with common goal-genuine service.

I was in my mid twenties way back then. I was active and adventurous, wild and carefree. I was so excited to see the other side of me far apart from my profession as an educator. I was looking for adventures and new beginnings which Kapwa had paved way to make them all a reality.

KKMKFI -Cebu allowed me to journey with many of my “firsts”. Indeed, slowly I found the other side of me. I began to see purpose and I began to acknowledge the kind of life I have. I learned the value of today and the gift of enjoying what everyday brings.

Above all Kapwa has taught me genuine service. From the who’s who down to least person in the row, there wasn’t even a trace nor a shadow of gap and discrimination. There was equality among people from across walks of life.

In Kapwa, there is no label and hierarchy of power; there are only working hands. There wasn’t any competition and manipulation. There was absolute happiness and unparalleled joy and fulfillment.

There was no validation of how small or big your contribution; they see help in various forms– no defined amount, no title just pure service.

Never have I met people as humble and simple as KKMK volunteers. No matter what position they hold, they will laugh with you even to the corniest joke you can ever throw.

There was no sabotage or any under-the-table transactions; there was brainstorming and face-to-face dealing. There was no politics either. Kapwa people work an extra mile not for a penny but for humanity.

KKMK people value relationship and commitment more than power, fame, and money.

Aside from Disneyland, KKMK is one of the happiest places on Earth.

As you turn 31, I am forever grateful for the short yet lifetime learnings I have kept from you.


-Authored by Rhea Barrita-Caraballe, formerly of Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko – Cebu, now Teacher 3 at Compostela Science and Technology High School, concurrently volunteering.-

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