Have you heard of the ‘Roman Empire’ trend on TikTok?

Roman Empire trend

CEBU CITY, Philippines— TikTok has unleashed several trends over time.

From dance moves to challenges to making an old song come back to life, this social media platform is getting everyone hooked.

The platform also paved the way for some terms to be coined just like the slang words, “delulu” and “trululu.”

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Recently, the “Roman Empire” trend has been creating buzz, especially among the ladies.

Cebuana influencer, Kryz Uy, hopped in the trend and share this TikTok video on her page.



How often does your husband think of the roman empire? Mine said never but then… @Slater Young

♬ original sound – Kryz – Kryz

Apparently, in some studies, and some TikTok accounts, men tend to think of the Roman Empire most of the time. Surprising, right?

The Roman Empire has many things that men are interested in, so when asked if they think of the “Roman Empire” some videos of men on TikTok show how interested they are in the topic.

What is your Roman Empire?

This is where the trendy question comes in: “What is your Roman Empire?”

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This means when asked about your “Roman Empire,” you have to answer what has been on your mind recently.

Filters of the trend have been used and have garnered so many reactions from TikTok users.

Some of the choices of someone’s Roman Empire usually revolve around, career, family, travel, love life, exes, revenge, food, and a lot more.

So, if someone asks you today, “What is your Roman Empire?” what will be your answer?

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