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No one to hug on Valentine’s Day? Try hugging trees!

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The DENR Forest Management Bureau is inviting everyone to join their Tree Hugging Campaign from February 12 to 16, 2024.

CEBU CITY, Philippines – As Valentine’s Day graces our calendars with its presence, a different kind of love story unfolds—one that blossoms not in the exchange of roses and chocolates, but in the silent rustle of leaves and the sturdy arms of ancient trees.

Amid the whirlwind of romantic air, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Forest Management Bureau (DENR-FMB) extends an invitation, not to candlelit dinners or extravagant gestures, but to a tranquil communion with nature.

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In a refreshing twist to Valentine’s Day traditions, the Forest Management Bureau is inviting everyone to join their Tree Hugging Campaign from February 12 to 16, 2024.

This eco-conscious initiative aims to foster a deeper appreciation for nature while promoting environmental conservation. Instead of the usual chocolates and flowers, participants are encouraged to embrace the outdoors and show their love for the environment by hugging trees.

According to DENR-FMB Director Ricardo Calderon, the Tree Hugging Campaign is more than just a symbolic gesture—it’s a way to connect with nature and raise awareness about the importance of preserving our forests.

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“We want people to experience firsthand the beauty and significance of trees,” Calderon explained.

Hugging trees is not just for show; it also offers numerous health benefits. Research suggests that spending time in nature and engaging in activities like tree-hugging can reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Meanwhile, the campaign has already sparked excitement among environmental enthusiasts and the public alike.

Many are eager to participate in this green Valentine’s celebration, viewing it as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the planet.

One participant shared her enthusiasm, saying, “Hugging a tree may seem simple, but it’s a powerful reminder of our connection to nature. It’s a beautiful way to show love and gratitude for the environment.”

As Valentine’s Day commences, the Tree Hugging Campaign serves as a timely reminder that love extends beyond human relationships—it encompasses our relationship with the natural world.

After all, every hug counts in preserving our planet for future generations.

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