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By: - April 17, 2024
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Are you feeling happy, sad, guilty, or angry? There is probably a Taylor Swift Song for that.

On April 19, International pop star Taylor Swift is set to release his eleventh studio album “The Tortured Poets Department”, which is her most awaited album so far.

The record-breaking icon teased on her socials that the upcoming album deals with the complex stages of grief, even going further to call it her “lifeline” album, which is a strong sign that Swifties should prepare their hearts for what might be a rollercoaster of emotions upon streaming day on Friday.

Amid her achievements, some people choose to criticize her for supposedly only writing about her ex-boyfriend or feeling hopeless romantic, but diving deeper into her discography, even a casual listener would realize that there probably is a Taylor Swift song for every emotion.

Before submitting yourselves to experiencing her new album, let this article be a guide to relive some of the best songs the Swifties jump back to when they find themselves feeling a little bit too much.

If you are feeling in love, listen to Daylight (Lover)

Some people mistake love for a burning passion, but Taylor Swift taught us that we can also find it in comfortable silences. In “Daylight,” the singer describes feeling in love as seeing light through a person after enduring years-long dark nights. In times when you feel in love, what better way to fill your comfortable silences with your favorite person than by listening to this song?

Runners-up: You are in Love (1989) and New Year’s Day (reputation)

If you hate your ex, listen to Dear John (Speak Now)

Hating your ex-partner is not childish at all. Sometimes, it comes with a deep loathing for the things they have done that will always make you feel disgusted. Dear John masterfully depicts what it’s like to carry deep hatred for someone you used to love. It is with bravery that Swift shares this raw song for the world to listen to and experience.

Runners-up: Picture to Burn (Debut) and Death by a Thousand Cuts (Lover)

If you are not feeling enough, listen to tolerate it (evermore)

Swift’s songwriting could transport you to different places as she perfected the art of creating imagery through words. Upon listening to Tolerate It, even single listeners find themselves crying over relationships they don’t even have. In the song, she powerfully tells the story of a woman who realizes that she’s begging for scraps of her husband’s attention. If you ever feel unwanted, this song will most likely bring you to tears.

Runners-up: Archer (Lover) and this is me trying (folklore)


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If you are feeling vengeful, listen to Look What You Made Me Do (reputation)

Her sixth studio album, (reputation), likely captures the essence of feeling wronged and wanting to scheme to get back at those who have hurt you. In her number one single, Look What You Made Me Do, she exudes a whole different aura and personality compared to her previous releases, making this album a refreshing listen for Swifties at the time. The songs will give you the much-needed adrenaline rush to feel like you could take on your enemies in a world that makes you feel powerless.

Runners-up: Better than Revenge (Speak Now) and Bad Blood (1989)

If you are longing for a past relationship, listen to All Too Well (Red)

This list would not be complete without mentioning the all-time favorite for most Swifties. Some may find themselves longing for the good memories from a bad relationship, which is a complex emotion in itself. Thanks to All Too Well, people can have something to turn to when they relapse, thinking about the ex that hurt them, and that is completely okay, as long as you pull yourself together after your episode.

Runners-up: august (folklore) and Last Kiss (Speak Now)

This list only accounts for a small margin of the most complex emotions that Taylor Swift’s songs evoke in people. In fact, she has songs depicting what it feels like to be thankful for your mother, to lose a child, to leave everything behind, and to feel like you are going nowhere.

With the release of her new album on Friday, she will once again introduce Swifties to new songs that will likely offer a unique perspective on grief, perhaps unlike any other songs have made people feel before. The world will forever be blessed to have a songwriter as genius and raw as her.


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