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3 stand-alone books that may help fix your ‘reading slump’

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Three stand-alone books to read to fix your reading slump.

CEBU CITY, Philippines – You may not be the only one with stacks of unwrapped books just lurking in the corner, waiting for you to lay your eyes on them.

You may have enjoyed reading during your childhood or teen years, but somehow lost that spark as life progressed, finding yourself stuck in a slump stickier than mud.

However, this year, you strive to reignite that lost hobby once again. As a fellow bookworm myself, let me suggest some books that helped me cure my ‘reading slump,’ just in time for today’s celebration of World Book Day.

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

Starting off the list, allow me to introduce you to a contemporary fantasy that offers a taste of found family.

The House in the Cerulean Sea is a heartwarming tale about finding a family not bound by blood, but by love.

The story revolves around a man who works in the civil service, assigned to visit an orphanage nestled by the sea.

He hears whimsical gossip slipping through its doors, where a diverse group of children is housed, overseen by a headmaster who is much more ‘peculiar’ than the kids themselves but loves them dearly.

As the protagonist fulfills his duty in this seaside sanctuary, he unravels mysteries about the town, its environment, the parentless children, and their enigmatic headmaster. These discoveries lead to a series of events that whisk readers away on a whirlwind adventure.

As a standalone novel, this definitely lifted me out of my reading slump. With just a few pages and a couple of days’ reading, it left me with a warm sense of satisfaction that I crave in fantasy stories, that meaty and impactful story that will not only give you whimsical magical vibes but also touches on sympathy, normalizing vulnerability among friends and loved ones.

It’s a feeling I wish I could encapsulate in a locket to carry with me through tough times, like a beacon guiding me along the way.

If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio

One thing about this book is that it delivers its dark plot through and through; even though there were pages I initially hesitated to digest, I eventually devoured it inside out.

This book granted me a second chance to love the “Dark Academia” genre, with a hint of Shakespearian drama, and it absolutely lived up to my expectations.

Picture yourself amidst a circle of friends while studying in college, hoping to find those with whom you’ll spend your early adult life.

However, life doesn’t always unfold as we hope, and misunderstandings among friends can tragically escalate to murder.

The tale begins with our protagonist just released from jail. Just when he thinks he’s left his past behind, someone from it resurfaces, determined to conclude a story that refuses to die.

With its potent blend of teenage angst and murder mystery intrigue, this book has ignited a newfound passion for mystery novels and thrillers within me.

After I do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This book is a perfect remedy for anyone stuck in a reading rut and in need of a “romantic push”.

“After I Do” by Taylor Jenkins Reid provides just that. Reid’s raw portrayal of relationships and self-discovery in one’s late twenties resonates deeply with readers, drawing them into Lauren’s journey of navigating love and personal growth.

The novel delves into the messy, real-life struggles as Lauren breaks free from her marriage to find herself. From misunderstandings with loved ones to the weight of expectations, Reid’s storytelling cuts straight to the heart of the human experience.

“After I Do” isn’t merely a book; it’s a lifeline for those seeking solace and inspiration amidst life’s chaos. It’s a warm embrace for those threading through life’s tangled paths.

Read at your own pace

As much as you may want to read all the fascinating books you come across, doing so might only exacerbate your reading slump. So, remember to read at your own pace and take pleasure in the stories and knowledge you glean from each experience.

There’s no need to rush, ka-Siloys! Take your time and let inspiration and motivation guide you to break that reading slump once and for all.


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