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Google’s new AI forecasts extreme weather events

Google AI

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Google has announced the development of artificial intelligence technology specifically dedicated to weather forecasting and the anticipation of extreme weather events. Faster and more cost-effective than current solutions, it could be able to alert people to the risk of incoming storms, floods or heatwaves.

Since last year, some of the biggest names in tech have been working on new AI-powered meteorological models. Google is the first to announce that it has developed its own AI technology dedicated to the climate, called SEEDS, for “Scalable Ensemble Envelope Diffusion Sampler.”

Google explains that SEEDS is a model capable of generating a multitude of large-scale weather forecasts, more accurately and, above all, far less expensively than traditional predictions. This technology therefore opens up new perspectives for meteorological science.

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The importance of accurate weather forecasts as the climate changes has become paramount. This is why Google has decided to invest in reliable weather information.

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This AI enables researchers to analyze a very wide range of possible weather outcomes, as well as predicting natural disasters days or weeks before they occur. The idea is to be able to warn people well in advance, so that they can prepare for the eventuality of a natural disaster.

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Google SEEDS uses a novel approach based on generative AI. Its strength lies in its ability to identify early signs of rare and extreme weather events. In fact, the model generates a broader and more diverse set of forecasts, enabling a better understanding of the range of possible weather scenarios.

Eventually, the integration of Google SEEDS into existing weather forecasting systems should help to improve the communication of weather risks to the public.

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