MUPH 2024 : 2 of Cebu’s bets shine in their prelim gowns

CEBU CTY, Philippines— The Miss Universe Philippines fever has intensified!

Pageant fans were in for a treat as the candidates sashayed it away in their evening gowns and swimsuits during the Preliminaries Gala Night of MUPH 2024, last Monday, May 20.

The gala night was hosted by actor Marco Gumabao, and Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Marquez Dee.

The candidates showcased masterpieces of designers from all over the archipelago.

And two of the powerhouse Cebuana beauty queens shone like goddesses in their evening gowns.


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Kris Tiffany Janson representing Cebu and Juvel Ducay representing Bantayan Island Cebu shared on their Instagram account the story behind their gala night ensembles.

Janson said her body-hugging gown adorned with emerald pieces represented her “rebirth.”

“Emeralds are linked to the Goddess Venus, who symbolizes hope, love, and rebirth. Tonight, I stand for myself and for all those who have stood by the past and present me.

Tonight I am reborn,” reads her caption on her Instagram reels post.

MUPH 2024

Kris Tiffany Janson | Photo by: GAREL SISON

This emerald ensemble is made by designer Harvey Cenit.

On the other hand, Ducay, wore ocean tones with a splash of pink representing the elegance of a wave during the MUPH 2024 prelims.

Ducay dubbed her preliminary gown “Bawod.”

“Wave of Elegance: Drawing inspiration from ‘Bawod,’ the enchanting waves of Bantayan Island, this evening gown embodies the serene and dynamic beauty of the sea. The gown’s design features fluid, cascading lines that mimic the gentle rise and fall of ocean waves, creating a sense of movement and grace. Shimmering accents and delicate beadwork reflect the play of moonlight on the water, adding a touch of ethereal sparkle. The fabric flows effortlessly, much like the tranquil waves lapping against the island’s shore, making this gown a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and timeless elegance,” reads her caption.

MUPH 2024

Juvel Ducay in her “Bawod” gown. | Photo by: Albert Pedrosa

This masterpiece is done by fashion designer Art Don.

The two represented themselves the best way they could through fashion and art.

But keep in mind that this is just the preliminaries, buckle up for the real treat tomorrow night as pageant habitues brace for the MUPH 2024 grand coronation night.

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