World Music Day: When Do You Find Yourself Tuning In?

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Can you imagine a world without music?

While some find solace in silence, most find comfort in the melodies of music.

Music amplifies our emotions, whether it’s a feel-good tune or one that evokes memories of challenging times.

Music has an undeniable magic, calming some and energizing others.


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With the world celebrating World Music Day on Friday, June 21, people are encouraged to play music outside their homes and let it echo for everyone to hear. And not just on this day, but if you feel like it, celebrate it when you can because as the saying goes “music is the food of the soul.

The first all-day music celebration, initiated by France’s Culture Minister Jack Lang and Maurice Fleuret, was held in Paris on the summer solstice in 1982. Now known as Music Day, it is celebrated in 120 countries worldwide.

Let’s take a musical journey today and explore the times when people listen to music:

  1. Commuting and traveling—Start your day with feel-good music or a somber tune on your way to the office. Music can calm your anxiety and bring excitement during long journeys, helping to pass the time.
  2. Working out—A good workout playlist is unbeatable when hitting the gym, running, lifting weights, or meditating. Music powers our movements and motivates us to keep going, dancing, and jamming during breaks.
  3. Studying and working—Music enhances productivity and helps some people focus on tasks at work or school. With headphones on, you can zone out and concentrate on your to-do list.
  4. Relaxing and unwinding—Ever just sit down, relax, and listen to your playlist? This is when you truly enjoy the comforts of music, whether catching up on reading or dozing off. It’s when you feel most connected to the tunes.
  5. Social gatherings—Music is the best way to connect at social events. When a familiar song plays, your feet tap, your hips sway, and you let the music take over, dancing with strangers, singing along, and letting the music speak for you.

Music speaks for us whenever our words can’t. Hence, our Siloys shared the music that saved them or played a big part at some point in their lives.




World Music Day: When Do You Find Yourself Tuning In?World Music Day: When Do You Find Yourself Tuning In? World Music Day: When Do You Find Yourself Tuning In?

Let’s celebrate World Music Day by embracing the wonderful moments music brings to our lives.

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