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The Events Collection at The Shangri-La

THE Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa held a white-themed party at its gardens recently to launch its Events Collection.

As requested, most of everyone came in white, led by the resort’s General Manager Rene Egle, Resident Manager Marie-Laure Fleury, Sales and Marketing Director Albert Lafuente, Communications Director Cassandra Cuevas and more.

In attendance was a throng of young, vibrant guests that consisted mostly of events planners and those involved in all manner of celebration as varied as there are bright ideas.

Events—that’s the key word. It is a whole industry that revolves around a plethora of factors. This white party in itself was a good sampling of what an event of the first water can be at the Shangri-La.

Food, which is a paramount importance, was a gourmet’s delight. That lechon had the crispiest skin ever, and its meat was deliciously juicy. Someone said they roast it there.

The service was outstanding. Our little group was pampered by a waiter named Marlon (he is not a regular, more is the value) who deserves our appreciation. You did not have to tell him what to do. That’s something!

We have photos to give you an idea what a nice party it was.

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