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THERE’S nothing that a cup of your favorite drink or a cuddle session with a lovable fur ball can’t fix. And we heard there’s a new cafe in town offering both.

Along the busy stretch of Banilad-Talamban road is a treat for canine lovers—the Lovey Doggy Cafe. It’s a two-storey cafe, where you can chill and cuddle 13 adorable resident pooches, including Boni and Hani, both pugs, and Simba, a Chow Chow.

The usually traffic-congested road was clear when we paid a visit to the Lovey Doggy Cafe, a few days before it officially opened (last Nov. 12).

“As the name suggests, this is a place where you can play with our dogs, or bring your own pets to bond with,” said Monica Ingan, owner of the cafe. You can’t miss the pink and mint green colored facade. Through its glass windows you get an idea of what goes on inside. Wow! A pack of cute dogs in a playpen. Upstairs, there are cushioned seats and pillows, a bench swing cushion, plush dog toys.

“Three years ago I read about this dog cafe in Korea, and I thought of introducing the concept here in Cebu,” said 21-year-old Monica.

It came as a surprise to us learning that aside from managing the two-storey cafe, Monica is still a student, taking up business administration at the Center for International Education (CIE) British School.

“The cafe is actually my (advance) thesis. I heard from the seniors that in order to graduate you have to operate a business for a year, so I’m starting now because I want to graduate on schedule,” she said.

Monica Ingan, owner of  Lovey Doggy Cafe, and her 13 fur babies

Monica Ingan, owner of Lovey Doggy Cafe, and her 13 fur babies. (CDN PHOTO/XAVIER SOLIS)

Monica and her Korean boyfriend manage the 360-square-meter cafe.

After graduation she plans to continue the dog cafe and is thinking of expanding, perhaps create another branch.

Her love for dogs started when a friend gave her a Chihuahua as a gift when she was just 13.

“Sadly, back then, I didn’t know how to take care of it,” she said.

“The I transfered to another house, and had to leave the Chihuahua. One morning, I received a call that it died.”

Later she thought of getting another dog. Unfortunately, it ran out the gate while a mineral water delivery boy was unloading stuff and the the dog never came back.

Heartbreaking, yes, but it didn’t stop Monica from wanting another dog—two years after—and another, until she found herself with 13 pets!

They are Simba (Chow Chow), Miyu (Pompspitz), Yiri (Siberian Husky), Bruno (Beagle), Piggy (Corgi), Boni and Hani (Pugs), Kuma (French bulldog), Leo (Boston Terrier), Wolverine and Milk (Pomeranian), Nara (Poodle) and Cookie (Yorkshire Terrier).

Excited to meet these 13 fur balls? Well, it only takes minimum purchase of P100 from the menu or get a P100 ticket as access to the playpen.

Only 15 per time slot will be allowed to enter the playpen so as not to stress the dogs. One ticket lets you in for an hour, with fixed entry time, which you can use to cuddle and take photos with the dogs.

Of course, there are gentle reminders (rules) for all you dog lovers—no feeding of the dogs with human food, no flash photography, and cuddle them gently like holding a baby. Do keep in mind that they are not toys.

For dog parents who wish to bring their four-legged furry friends at the Lovey Doggy Cafe, be fure to present their vaccination cards issued by a certified veterinary clinic. Only three guest dogs are allowed to enter the pen, with a P100 minimum purchase from the menu.

While waiting for your turn, you can check out the indoor garden set-up upstairs and try the drinks, especially the bestseller frappes—matcha and cotton candy, that comes in two sizes: Puppy (16 ounces) and Doggy (20 ounces).

Also, have a delicious bite of cupcakes with dog designs on them and pose with a cute stuffed toy for a souvenir shot at the photo station.

Monica plans to make the dog cafe a one-stop shop for pet owners, as it will soon have a supplies corner, grooming center, veterinary services and a dog hotel, where owners can leave their pets overnight.

Lovey Doggy is located at GQS Plaza Gov. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City (between University of Cebu Banilad building and Petron Gas Station). The place is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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