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Photographer Joseph Pascual slams Mocha Uson for bashing VP Leni Robredo

mocha uson

BACKED up by her millions of followers Mocha Uson has repeatedly bashed Vice-President Leni Robredo.

Recently her negative remarks fired towards VP Leni’s magazine covers, particularly Esquire’s December issue, has been trending online and getting thousands of shares.

Last Sunday on Facebook, Mocha posted a collage of all the cover photos featuring VP Leni and describing it as“campaigning for the 2022 Elections.”

“Ma’am, tama naman na ang panngangampanya sa 2022, trabaho na po sana tayo,” she posted. Her post immediately escalated to more than 25,000 likes and reactions and 5,000 shares.

Mocha posted another item at midnight, expressing her dissapointment on the Esquire December–January issue.

“Hindi ako nadidismaya dahil fineature nila si VP Leni at CHR Chair Gascon ngunit kung sinabi nila sa akin na ang magiging theme ng kanilang Dec-Jan issue ay Heroes and Villains of A Strange Year ay hindi ako papayag. Hindi man nilang direktang sinabi na ako ang villain sa isyu na ito ngunit napaka-obvious naman dahil sa mga katagang “IN THE END, GOOD WILL PREVAIL OVER EVIL,” she said in the post.

Then again, rumor has it that she may have been the supposed cover subject and not Vice-President Leni for the Esquire issue.

And photographer Joseph Pascual has something to say about this. On his post, Joseph narrated how the photoshoot went, despite his and Mocha’s conflicting opinions in terms of politics and governance.

“It is disappointing to see you lambast someone for doing something you yourself were so grateful you have done. Maybe next time, turn down offers for the things you’ll hate others for doing,” read the post.

Cebu Daily News checked the Facebook post of Joseph again and saw that it had already been edited. Still, most netizens and gossip sites were able to screenshot Joseph’s earlier post.

“I think that social media, especially now, is powerful in the right—or wrong—hands. It’s how you can spread dangerous propaganda or the truth. All I wanted to do was call out Mocha Uson’s hypocrisy for demeaning our Vice-President for allowing herself to be photographed and (be) interviewed, because Mocha herself has done so in the past,”Joseph told Preen Inquirer.

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