By Jeff Ruffolo |February 08,2018 - 11:05 PM

Let’s see if I understand this right.

One of the richest, most powerful men in the world, finds relatively attractive, single females for his sexual dominance and masochistic personal pleasure.

He coerces them into signing reams of legal papers that secure his financial fortune from any potential litigation, then takes these unsuspecting (but well paid) ladies into his soundproof dungeon where he strips them naked, ties them down only to whip and torture them into sexual submission.

And this freak is NOT in jail?

What planet are we living on?

Apparently the world of sexual predators abound in the last—we can only hope—and final ending of the Fifty Shades of Grey book trilogy, penned by E. L. James.

This film adaptation, entitled “Fifty Shades Freed,” continue the exploits of Christian Grey, 28, and his willing (twenty something) sexual slave, Ms. Anastasia Steele.

In the first film, Ms. Steele, a mousy college student falls head over heels for Mr. Grey who has no interest in her except where masks, bondage and whips are concerned.

He mentally seduces her, she thinking that in his warped mind this is how he shows “affection”, eventually agreeing to sign away all her legal rights … only to be stripped, tied down and scourged like a medieval prisoner—which in fact she is—until finally Ms. Steele has had enough and walks out.

Fade to black.

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele

In the second film, Mr. Grey pours on the lavish gifts until Ms. Steele finally relents, accepts his repeated apologies, they fall in love and by the film’s end, they marry.

But this time, she willingly strips naked as he again whips her into sexual submission.

Fade to black.

One could only hope that enough is enough for these cute little lovebirds, but nooooo.

In the final (thanks to the Almighty) final film, we are subjected to a hideous “love triangle” where in a rival for Mrs. Grey has emerged.

Not able to sabotage his private jet, the former magazine editor of Ms. Steele tries to break into her apartment while the husband is away. He later reverts to kidnapping to gain her attention and affection.

Kinda seems like a never ending episode of TV’s “Days of our Lives.”

It gets worse.

Ms. Steele becomes pregnant, something this sexual predator does not want as “Fifty Shades Freed” descends into “The War of the Steels” or “You can have the bedroom and the kitchen … but the sex dungeon is mine!”

Oh, good grief!

Except for trash like this, no decent, hardworking modern woman, no matter how much money is thrown at her, is going to willingly submit herself to this BDSM torture.

Let alone marry the man.

If I laid a finger on my wife, the lovely Mrs. Cris Evert Lato Ruffolo, she would crack me in the mouth, hitting me so hard my teeth would rattle for a week.

In truth, Dear Reader, this series of “Fifty Shades” films—“Freed” in particular—has ZERO redeeming
social value.

But just as people slow down to see a traffic accident, hoping against hope to see some blood and gore left on the pavement, so too when the original movie (with a production budget of a mere $30 million), pulls in a whopping $571 million worldwide, you know a sequel is right around the corner.

And the sequel “Fifty Shades Darker” grabbed another $381 million in cold hard cash in its theatrical run.

In “Freed,” Jamie Dornan returns as Mr. Grey and his willing slave (I meant to say, wife) is played by Ms. Dakota Johnson.

You know something … these freaks deserve each other as “Freed” ends with yet another uber violent BDSM romp in the sex dungeon after the wife has given birth to a cute little baby girl.

I guess some people just can’t get enough of being whipped into submission.

Fade to black.

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