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Zenfone smartphone shows oddly placed camera notch

The notch, since the iPhone X introduced it, got mixed opinions among smartphone users. Some don’t mind, some hate it. But it looks like smartphone makers are embracing the front camera notch.

On the other hand, ASUS wants to take a different approach on how it treats notches on its smartphones. Enter the oddly placed notch on what appears to be the upcoming Zenfone 6.

The upcoming smartphone is not expected to make an appearance until at least in the 2019 Mobile World Congress. But Italian tech outlet appeared to have gotten its hands on a sample, as reported by The Next Web.

A 24-second video from HDBlog.It showed an ASUS smartphone with a front camera notch that’s positioned a little to the top right hand portion of the screen.

Normally, however small they were made to be, phone makers placed their camera notches in the top center. Technically speaking, that made sense, but not necessarily a requirement as this Zenfone device showed.

The short clip didn’t discuss anything about the device and only served as a visual teaser for the upcoming Zenfone unit.

However, the clip did showcase the smartphone’s full display, which featured thin bezels in all four sides. As a safe estimate, the screen appeared to occupy more than 90 percent of the smartphone’s front face.

In the back are two vertically arranged cameras positioned in the upper center of the smartphone in line with what appeared to be a fingerprint reader.

Apart from these visual cues, no other information was made available such as the smartphone’s processing chip, full product name and its release date.

With that said, this upcoming Zenfone may be one to look forward to next year.

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